NYX Avant Pop! Shadow Palette in Art Throb (bonus Urban Decay Electric comparison)


**The products in this post were purchased by me. All opinions are my own**

So, I saw this while I was window shopping online at Ulta and I was like “I need this in my life now!!” So I did some magic and with coupons and points I had stashed up, I got this for about 70 cents. Some of the colors looked similar to the ones in the Urban Decay Electric palette, so I figured it’d be a good alternative to that.

Here’s what NYX has to say about the palette:

Express yourself with splashes of striking color from our Avant Pop! Shadow Palettes. All three collections have been carefully curated with 10 eye shadows in various finishes. Each palette lets you create a softer look or take it to the next level. Everything you need to create your own pop art masterpiece is at your fingertips

Let’s take a good look at the colors in this thing.


Oooooh. Pretty. As you can see, this picture was taken after I swatched. The colors don’t have names and are just numbered.

Speaking of swatches, here they are. I did the top and bottom row separately.

NYXArtThrobSwatch2 NYXArtThrobSwatch1

So on first glance, the finger swatches look decent. As you can see, they aren’t the smoothest formula out there.

I tried two different looks using this palette. The first look I used the blue and teal from the top row, along with the silver and orange from the bottom row. The second look used the plum from the second row and the peach from the first row.

For the first look, I did it over primer and that’s it. The color payoff was pretty much almost nothing. The colors blended decently for what color I was getting, but had faded in an unflattering patchy way after about 4 hours. The second look, I decided to try over NYX Milk to make the colors show up more. The colors did show up, but when blended out, looked a bit muddy. After 3 hours the color had faded and the faded product over the Milk looked like I had gotten beat up and hit in both eyes. It was not a flattering look at all.

It is worth noting that I have fairly hooded eyes, so the uneven patchiness and fading could have been caused by that, but I rarely have that problem with other eyeshadows.

Remember how I said some of the colors reminded me of the Electric palette? Well I decided to pull mine out to see if I was right. (Spoiler: Not really)


You can see the two palettes side by side. For the swatch below, I labeled the UD colors but not the NYX ones. You can tell from the pan which ones are which for the most part.


As you can see, we’re not quite dupe free. The blue in the NYX palette is close to Gonzo, but Gonzo is glittery/shimmery. The silver glitters are pretty close though. I actually prefer the NYX one over the UD one. If you look at my UD palette, that silver kicks up quite a bit and gets all over the place. All the other colors are incredibly different.

On to the pros/cons.

Pros: Very affordable for the amount of product you get. The colors are nice and slightly unique for drugstore brands.

Cons: Application wasn’t the greatest and it did kick up product easily. Requires some work for color payoff. Didn’t last that long for me.

The NYX Avant Pop! Art Throb palette can be found online at Ulta and NYX and retails for $17. You can also find it wherever NYX is sold in stores, though some stores may not have it yet.


2 thoughts on “NYX Avant Pop! Shadow Palette in Art Throb (bonus Urban Decay Electric comparison)

  1. For you, how and why is the NYX your pick over the ID? Trying to pick one and your experience didn’t sound very good. I would think UD would be less problematic.


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