2 Week Co-Wash Challenge – Day 1!


What is co-washing? Well, simply put it’s washing your hair with conditioner and skipping out on the shampoo. It’s also been known as the no-poo routine for a while now. I was challenged by a friend to give this a shot because my specific hair type might benefit from it. She suggested I give it two weeks and see how my hair feels. I thought it would be great to document my hair and how it feels during this process.

To get started, I feel I should do a hair profile so you know what I’m dealing with and if it’s comparable to your own hair.

Hair profile:

My hair is naturally a very very light blond color but I have it professionally dyed to a blue-based red with black chunks in the bangs. It is currently a pixie-ish cut that has grown out a bit. I need a trim and thinning out really badly, but no split ends. My hair is incredibly thick and I have a LOT of it. It’s not curly, but when it’s longer, it’s very wavy.

How do I treat my hair?

I use Herbal Essence’s hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Every two weeks I do an Overtone treatment to maintain my beautiful red color. If my hair is particularly dry, I’ll put a touch of Vitamin E oil in it. I wash my hair every 2-3 days and between washes I either leave it alone or use a touch of Batiste dry shampoo. I don’t blow dry my hair, nor do I use any other heat styling products. I rarely put product in my hair either because I don’t like how it feels. Thanks to the Overtone treatments, I can go about 5-6 months between dye jobs.

How I plan on doing the challenge?

I will not be using a cleansing conditioner for this. I’m using my normal conditioner and just eliminating the shampoo step. I’m using my fingers to massage the scalp to lift any gross stuff and then rinsing it out.

Day 1:

As my hair air dries, it feels drier than normal and the texture is weird. It’s a bit gross feeling and I had to use more conditioner than I normally need to feel like I got the scalp cleaned. No picture today because I don’t think there will be a change (and my hair is still wet). I’m honestly afraid it’s going to smell weird at some point.


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