2 Week Co-Washing Challenge – Days 5&6


If you missed it, I’m doing a 2 week co-washing challenge. Details can be found here.

Days 5 & 6:

So I’ve noticed that I over compensated for having gross  and dirty hair and used extra conditioner when I washed on day 4. This resulted in a greasy disaster during the past two days. I was able to tame the grease with some dry shampoo. Still no funky smell, so that’s nice! I’ve also realized my showers are much shorter since I don’t have to shampoo and then condition. One downside I’ve realized is that my roots are really showing and I need to do an overtone treatment and I’m not sure how well that works into the challenge. My treatment is a deep conditioner, but I can’t really “wash” with it. I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon (I hope!). The color in the area that isn’t regrowth is vibrant and hasn’t faded like it normally would with a couple weeks of normal washing. I take that as a great sign and a pro for if I should keep this up past the two weeks. My problem is that it does lift the color up from the regrowth area, so I may need to look into a different way of handling that, possibly switching from Overtone to straight Manic Panic on the roots.

I have noticed that my wavy areas are a lot better looking. It doesn’t look all frizzy and weird, so that’s kind of a positive for me. I don’t plan on keeping my hair this long for much longer, so the waves are going to be going away soon enough for it to not matter, but good to know for the future if I ever grow my hair out again.


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