2 Week Co-Washing Challenge- Days 7-10


So I missed a couple of days, but a few major hair things did happen!

So, I did my Overtone treatment and I just treated it just like a normal conditioner and it worked out well. It worked out so well that I didn’t wash my hair for 3 days. I did use dry shampoo on that last day, but there was a significant decrease in grease from before. The entire time I went without washing, there was no smell and it was still really good looking.

I did switch conditioners during the process because I ran out and the store didn’t have my normal one, so I got a thing of Aussie Moist and I like that more than what I was using. It smells amazing and works even better for this process. I did learn to not let the conditioner to sit as long and rinse really really well and that has also helped with it getting oily fast.

So far I’m warming up to the idea of sticking with this full time.


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