2 Week Co-Washing Challenge – Wrap up and final thoughts


If you missed it, I was challenged to a 2 Week Co-Washing Challenge. It’s been a bit longer than the two weeks but I’ve been swamped with school and stuff, so here are my final thoughts.

Quick Recap:

For two weeks, instead of using shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair, I eliminated shampoo from the equation. In the process, I also switched conditioners but it didn’t change how my hair was turning out. I was worried about how my hair would smell and the texture of it.

My thoughts:

Well, I was skeptical at first because I always thought I had pretty great hair. This challenge has taught me that even great hair can be made better. I never experienced any smells with my hair other than the lovely smell that the new conditioner has. (Aussie Moist) I have learned that with one application of dry shampoo, I can extend my washing time from 1-2 days to 3-4 days. This means I’m not exposing my hair to hard water as much. I noticed that my color treatments last longer and aren’t being stripped out as fast. My natural waves are coming through and while they might not last too much longer, they do look better than they have in years past. My showers are now much faster, so I’m saving water. I find I’m reaching for my hair oils less than I did before, which is nice. The first week of the whole thing is really an adjustment period where the hair is kind of getting used to the process.

Final verdict:

I will be continuing on with this method of washing my hair going forward. My only issue will be when I see my stylist and she does my hair. I know they use sulfate free shampoo, so I believe I should be perfectly fine. I fully support this for people with curly/wavy hair looking for a way to make things better.


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