Loreal True Match Lumi Powder Highlighter (Ice) Review


**This product was purchased by myself and all opinions are my own**

Before I get into my review, I have a slight rant about people that review products that need skin tone and undertone taken into consideration with reviews.

I saw this product on various medias. I saw it on Instagram, Twitter, reddit, and youtube. I never sought out any reviews, but I did find out that Loreal did these as a trio of warm, neutral, and cool highlighters. Meaning they were created with those specific undertones in mind. This is the whole “gimmick” behind the True Match line and I’m down for it. My holy grail liquid foundation is the True Match in C1. My biggest complaint lately has been that the highlighter I have (Becca Moonstone) was too gold/orange for my undertones. So I hear “highlighter meant for cool undertones” and I’m all over that shit. Hence why I bought it. 😉

But then I looked up reviews and people were complaining that this particular one was too white and too blue for them to ever used. These people are darker/tanned and have warm undertones, so of course a product aimed at the complete opposite of you isn’t going to look good. The thing is, people are going to take that as gospel and not try it, when this might be just what they’ve been looking for. With that said, let’s get on with the review and how I felt about it since I was the target demographic for this product.

So, to start off, this is what it looks like opened up.


As you can see, there are a few colors here to take in. The surprising ones are the blue and purple, but it’s cool.  It also came with a little brush, which at first I thought was going to be helpful.


It had some stray hairs that were weird, so I got rid of those and it’s not a horrible brush, but I own better.

So on to some swatches. Please note these are on NW15 skin. The first swatch is a finger swatch and then I blended it with the brush it came with.


But this doesn’t show how it really looks does it?

Maybe this will help.


So, there it is applied on my cheekbone and up around my eye. It looks patchy, but I’ve been having some dry spots so adding a spotlight to them didn’t help. I wore this out for 8 hours, which were spent in the sun sweating and chasing around my nieces and nephews. As you can see, it’s not as stark or ghostly as some people would think. It actually gives a nice sheen that looks rather good on my fair skin. It also doesn’t make it look like I rolled in Cheeto dust, which happens with anything slightly orange.

As for wear, when I got home and took a look, it was still where I put it. None of the shimmer had slid down my face and it had stayed right where I wanted. My eyeshadow on the other hand…did slide down and made it look like I had a black eye. So there was a chance for the highlighter to slide or migrate and it didn’t. I applied this using a tapered brush, which I swirled across the powders. It was buildable and blendable. I built up a bit and then blended it out with a large domed stippling brush. I didn’t use the brush it came with because when I blended out the swatch on my hand, I realized it wasn’t going to work for that well. I might use it as a contour brush though.

Pros: Great for people with cool undertones and light skin. Blends out and can be built up if you want to strobe. Easily accessible since it’s a drugstore product. Long lasting.

Cons: It was about 13 dollars for me, which is a lot for a drugstore product, but that’s still cheaper than say Becca. The brush it came with isn’t great for applying it. This would look chalky on anyone with a darker skintone unless you do a sheer application and blend it out.

Final thoughts: If you’ve got cool undertones and are looking for an inexpensive highlighter, give this one a try. They also have a liquid version that I still need to get, but it’s an option as well. While this isn’t quite holy grail status for me yet, I do see myself reaching for it more than my Becca highlighter in the future.

You can purchase this wherever Loreal products are sold. I paid about $13, but places like Ulta have them on sale quite often so you can get it then for a deal.

Note: Makeup on rest of face is Benefit Porefessional,  tarte Amazonian Clay (powder) foundation in Fair Honey, Urban Decay Afterglow in Obsessed, Kat Von D Interstellar Palette, Cover Girl Clump Crusher, and Jordana Matte Nude (review coming!)


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