Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Review – Shimma Shimma & Shark Bait


**All products were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.**

Today I have a review of two eyeshadows from Makeup Geek. I initially bought these for two different reasons. I had read that Shimma Shimma was a dupe for Bootycall by Urban Decay and at the time, I was using Bootycall as a highlighter and wanted something less pricey to replace when it runs out. I got Shark Bait because I’m hoping to do a series of eye looks based on NHL teams and the color of Shark Bait matches the teal used by the San Jose Sharks. Funny how that works.

Ordering was really easy and they shipped the next day. I got them a day before the tracking said they’d be here. You can order shadows from Makeup Geek in a regular pan or a compact. The pan is cheaper, but you need a way to store them. You can go with a z-palette or you can do what did. Joanne Fabrics sells a plastic case with a magnet on the bottom. It’s meant for sewing needles and notions, but it holds the pans very well and is a nice hard plastic. I’m sure any craft store will have a case like this and they’re a cheaper option. Nothing against z-palettes, but I like to save money and Joannes quite often have sales where you can get 60% off one item. That’s 4 dollars for a case to hold pans of shadow.

On to the swatches!


These swatched incredibly well on the skin. The pigmentation is there and any shimmer does show up well. These are finger swipes with no primer under.

Let’s look at how they apply shall we?

MUGSharkBaitShimmaShimmaEyeLook MUGSharkBaitShimmaShimmaEyeLookOpen

Application wasn’t half bad. I did find out that if you have crappy brushes, they’re not going to apply well. If you look at the first picture, on the right side, I used my shitty brushes. On the left I used my fingers. I have since gotten better brushes for my eye makeup and they apply beautifully with them. This look was done over Wet N Wild Fergie Take on the Day primer.

(On the rest of my face: tarte Airbrush Powder Foundation, tarte blush in Flushed, Loreal True Match Highlighter in Ice, Jordana Matte Nude lipstick, and Cover Girl Clump Crusher)

I tested the wear time of these and here’s what they looked like after 8 hours.


Not half bad and the eyes look better than the rest of my face there.

Review time!

I like these shadows. Once I figured out the application issues I had at first, they worked beautifully. I’ve used them over NYX Milk and the color really stands out, but you can have a good look over your normal primer. I do highly suggest you use decent brushes when you apply these shadows. I upgraded my poor elf brush to an eco tools one and it made a world of difference. The best pigmentation will come from using your fingers. Just make sure you wash your hands before doing that. When it comes to the shimmer shades, like Shimma Shimma, if you want the sparkle to really show, then go with your fingers and pat the color where you want it. You’ll achieve a much better look that way.

It does kick up a bit of powder, but not enough to be worrisome. I get worse kick up from some of my Kat Von D shadows, so a minimal amount is fine by me.

Pros: Super pigmented. Inexpensive(ish), great color selection, supporting Indie companies, lasts a long time on the eye

Cons: Comes in a pan and needs to be stored. Compact version a bit more expensive.

Makeup Geek eyeshadows can be purchased directly from her website. The pans retail for $5.99 each.


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