Julep September 2015 – Boho Glam


**This product was “purchased” by me and all opinions are my own. It was purchased using points that I had stashed through the Julep program so I got it for free that way.**

I have a confession. I love nail polish. Nail polish was my first real beauty love and it was how I was able to stop biting my nails and feel confident in myself. Currently my nail polish collection puts my actual makeup collection to shame. I have around 400 bottles of polish ranging from cheap 1 dollar polishes to a very nice 50 dollar polish that sits out on my desk as some weird display. So when I first got into polish, I thought Julep was a great deal and great idea! I’ve been a member for about 4 years, and while recently I’ve done nothing more than skip each month, it was nice to see they gave me points for being a member as long as I have been, so I got myself the September box.

Julep works like most subscription beauty boxes where you pay a fee and get shipped goodies once a month. The difference between Julep and programs like Birchbox/Ipsy/Glossybox is that you can choose what you get each month. You’re able to change your box and pick items you actually want. Back when it started, it was nail polish only, but over the past year or so, they’ve expanded to other types of makeup. You’re also able to skip a month. No need to cancel and re-subscribe if you need to miss a month. They’re also 5-free, vegan, and cruelty free!

Let’s get on to the goodies shall we?

This month I got the Boho Glam box, which caught my eye because it had a darker lipstick and cooler toned polishes. All things I love and want for the fall season.

The box usually comes with 3 items, but this month they added a special shade to every box ordered.

Let’s talk about that lipstick:


Ooooooh. A pretty reddish brown. The shade I got is called Soirée. The packaging is sturdy and the cap and bullet base have a magnet so when you slide the cap on, it’ll stick and not randomly pop off. When you twist the bullet up and down, the product locks into place, so it’s not going to wiggle or move while applying. Out of all the lipsticks I own, I think this is the best functional packaging out there. It’s sturdy, stays closed, and locks the product into place.

Application was smooth and a bit on the slippy side, but in a good way. Color deposited well and it was pigmented on the lips. There wasn’t a ton of patchiness like I thought there would be, so that was pleasant. It was incredibly comfortable on the lips, and while there was some transfer, it was minimal and could be tamed by using a setting powder. The color was lovely and perfect for fall. If you want just the lipstick, it retails for $17.60 through Julep. I really can’t find fault with this lipstick, except maybe it’s a bit expensive and could be duped at the drugstore for cheaper.



Let’s talk polish.

Before I jump into the polish, I want to point out something about Julep polishes that people might not know. The square top, which is awkward and annoying to use to paint nails, can be removed. Under it is a round cap that is easier to use. All you need to do is yank the square part off and ta-da! Round cap.



So, let’s jump into our first polish. This one is called Sara.


It photographed a bit brighter than it actually is, but it’s a more muted blue color. Kind of bordering on grey, but it’s a gorgeous color and if you’re not into reds/oranges for fall, this is perfect for that!

And that’s about where the happiness ends. The formula was incredibly thick and goopy. I had to add a bit of Seche Restore to thin it out a bit to make it workable. The brush had a ton of color pooled at the end, making it hard to get a nice even coat. Which is a shame because the color is gorgeous.

It also does stain a bit, which isn’t something I consider a horrible thing because that’s what blue shades tend to do. On some nails I did one coat of base coat and others I did two coats. On the nails I did two coats, I had no staining. If you want to avoid smurf fingers, try two coats of your base coat under your polishes that stain.



Next up on our list is the one that was included in every box, it’s a shade called Julep.


This one is apparently Julep’s signature color, and it does match the box they send stuff out in, so I get it. It’s a nice purple, kind of bordering on radiant orchid.

Application was smooth sailing and I had full coverage in 1 coat, but I did 2 to be safe. I would consider this more of a spring/summer color, but I’m going to wear it throughout the fall and winter because it’s a nice purple cream.



Our last polish is called Ellis.


HOLO!! I love me some holographic polishes. And in true fashion, I assumed that it’s going to be a top coat or need a dark base to get the holo to pop. I was wrong, and happy that I was wrong. This polish can be worn without a color under it and builds up to full opacity in 2 coats. It was pretty opaque on one coat, but there was some patchiness.

The formula is smooth and goes on easily. The holo shift is decent. It’s not super strong, but it’s not so subtle that you can’t see it. This is my favorite polish of the three and I highly recommend it.



The top two nails I put it over Julep just to see if it acts as a topper instead of proper polish. As you can see from the other two nails, this can be worn on its own!

Final thoughts:

Julep makes some really weird claims about these polishes and it allowing more oxygen to your nail so it can “breathe”. It’s pretty stupid if you ask me because it’s pretty well known nails don’t need to breathe. There is also a claim that the polishes have antioxidants, which is another one of those “uh, ok” moments for me. The important claims they make for me are the fact that they are 5-Free and cruelty free. They’re also vegan, but that isn’t a factor for me personally.

The polishes are decent and have good wear time, if you wear base and top coat. The lipstick is nice and the only thing I hated was the formula of one polish, so if I had paid the full price, I’d still be happy.

You can get a Julep subscription on their website and it costs $25 each month. If you want to try them out for free for a month, you’re welcome to use my referral link. It’s worth noting that I do get points for people signing up through my link, so if you aren’t down with that, you can just join here.

Stay beautiful people!


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