Loreal Voluminous Superstar Mascara


**Product was purchased by myself. All opinions are my own.**

So, I was out at Target poking around and seeing what was new, and I came across this mascara. I normally don’t go for mascaras that claim length and volume because it’s not something I need in my mascaras, but it looked intriguing so I snatched it up and here we are!

This is what it looks like out of the packaging:


Not bad, a bit bigger than I’m used to for a mascara tube. It does have two products, a primer and the mascara. The packaging doesn’t feel cheap and has a nice weight to it. The contour of the tube when you have either end open is comfortable in the hand and easy to handle while applying.

Let’s take a look at the wands, first up is the primer.


Not a bad shape and it doesn’t pick up a goopy amount of product, so it’s nice. The shape isn’t anything extra weird and the bristles are nice and even.

The mascara wand:


The best way to describe this wand is fluffy. The bristles are shorter and much more dense. It’s not a bad wand, I just prefer ones with the bristles a bit more spread out to give separation.

The formula!

Well, both the primer and mascara have a drier formula. I was happy to see that because I find that wetter formulas lead to more clumps than drier ones. The primer was thin and I didn’t get a lot of product on my lashes, which I think is good and bad. The volumizing aspect of this mascara seems to come from the primer, so if you get this, lay it on thick. The mascara itself is a fiber mascara, so it does lengthen lashes pretty decently. My fiance came home from work and asked what I used on my lashes because they looked a lot longer. Let’s see if he was just seeing things!


This is the before shot of my lashes. As you can see, I really don’t need extra length/volume, but it can be fun!


Here’s the after! I didn’t curl my lashes, but you can see that it did give me some length and volume. It’d probably look a lot better if I was able to get a good coat of the primer.


I wore this mascara for 9 hours and in that time I only had a slight bit of flaking. The flaking came after I cried while watching a movie and was rubbing my eyes. I did get the waterproof version of this, so I’m happy to say it didn’t run while I cried. I think the rubbing cause the flaking more than it being a product defect. I didn’t get any weird smudging from this, and removal was really simple. I was able to get it off using a baby wipe.

Final thoughts

It’s a nice mascara and I do feel it gives length like promised. The volume is there, but could be improved if you really layer the primer on, something I didn’t do. If you skip the primer, it’s a nice lengthening mascara that does last. The waterproof claims are on point and for the most part, the mascara stays where it should be. The color was nice, not super pigmented black, but still a nice deepness for a black. I’m on the fence about re-purchasing this in the future. I quite enjoyed it, but not sure if it’s something I’m into for a long term product. I’ll keep using it though because it’s a lot of fun. Might be fun to try this with some false lashes for extra dramatic length.

Pros: Does give length, lasts long, comes with primer

Cons: Slight smell from the product (not noticeable when applied though), wand on mascara side a bit too dense for my liking

You can purchase Loreal Super Star Mascara at any store Loreal is sold in. I got mine from Target for 10 dollars.

Stay beautiful!


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