Birchbox September 2015


**Subscription purchased by myself and all opinions are my own**

So this month was Birchbox’s 5th anniversary and they had a box design done by subscribers. While it’s not as awesome as the design last month, I did enjoy this one. The products I got this month have me split though. Along with my products I got a discount code that I’ll most likely use combined with some of my points. Let’s get into the products!


I got 5 products this month. I received a face cleanser, eyeshadow trio, purfume, blowout spray, and eye cream. Since I’m a member of the Aces program through Birchbox, one of these products were my choice and this month I went with the eyeshadow trio.

Let’s get to the products!


The first product on the list is by 100% Pure. It’s called “Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream” and it retails for $25 for a full sized tube. It claims that it will reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles.

I have to say, it does do that. It also helps reduce puffiness from the under eye area. It also smells wonderful and a little goes a long way. This tube contains .3 fl oz and it will probably last me a while. Over the past month or so, I’ve been looking into eye creams and was really happy to get one to try out. It does what it claims to do and fits the bill perfectly for me. It is also 100% vegan and natural for people that are worried about that!


This product is from Acure Organics and it’s the “Facial Cleansing Gel Superfruit + CGF”. It claims that it infuses skin with antiaging ingredients for a fresher, younger looking complexion.

I don’t like this product much. It has a citrus-y smell that’s a bit too strong for my tastes. It’s also a gel product that lathers up and it left my face feeling super tight, which means it was dehydrating. Which makes a lot of sense because as it says on the bottle, it’s meant for combo to oily skin. My skin is normal to dry and prone to eczema, so it’s just not the product for my particular skin type.  The full size retails for $10 though, so if you do have combo or oily skin, this is an inexpensive option to try out! Dry skin people, just skip this.


My love/hate product of the month! This the “Bombshell Blowout Spray” by amika. Here’s the thing, I don’t blow dry my hair, so I don’t need a blowout spray. This did, however, claim to volumize and can be used on dry hair to style it. I tried it out and it did give some lift and volume, but the smell was horrible. Like, super horrible bad. I had my fiance open the bottle to take a sniff and he almost threw up. Liked the results, but can’t handle the smell. The full sized bottle retails for $24.


Speaking of smells…I got Harvey Prince’d this month! If you’re a frequent subscriber to Birchbox, getting a Harvey Prince product at some point is pretty much a promise. This month I got the scent “Eau So Divine”. It’s a floral smelling perfume that smelt great at first, but as time wore on, it didn’t smell the greatest. This also got a gross reaction from my fiance when I made him smell it. I like to do that to him whenever I get smelly stuff in my boxes. This scent retails for $26-$55, depending on size.


This last product was my choice for this month and it’s the POP Beauty Sugar Plum Trio. It claims to be a trifecta of long-wearing, blendable eye shadows in bold, pigmented purples.

Let’s take a peek at the colors I got.


So yeah, those aren’t all purple. One of them is a purple, but it’s not a trio of purple for sure.

Here’s some swatches.


Yeah, still think I only got one purple, and it leans very coppery.

I really regret making this my choice this month because I hate how the purple looks on me. When I wore these shadows, I created a look with all 3 shades. The problem is that the purple doesn’t look good on my lids due to my veins/undertones. That being said, these are very pigmented colors and applied beautifully. They lasted for 6 hours over primer before I just removed them for the day. I’m sure they would have lasted longer. The white and dark brown color are ones I may get some use out of, but that purple isn’t going to happen easily. These three are from a large palette that retails for $26.

This month my picks for favorites would have to be the eye cream and eye shadows. The others I could do without.

If you wish to join Birchbox you can sign up through my link or directly on the homepage. If you use my link, I get 50 points in my account and you get $5 dollars off your first box! Birchbox costs $10 per month in the US.

Stay beautiful!


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