Covergirl Star Wars: The Force Awakens Collection – Lipsticks


**All products were purchased by myself and all opinions are my own!**

So, I like Star Wars. Scratch that. I love Star Wars. I love it so much that I have a Star Wars themed tattoo. My t-shirt collection has an abnormally large selection of Star Wars shirts, and as you can see, I have quite a few POP! figurines as well. So when I heard that we were going to get Star Wars makeup? I was over the moon Death Star.

So, my excitement kept up and Force Friday (Sept 4th) came and I figured that would be the day I’d have my hands on them. Everything I had read implied that they would release that day, along with every other item related to The Force Awakens. Off to Walmart I go! Nope, not there. So I try Walgreens, nope, not there either. I check Target, not a chance.

I kept checking for the next week or so and nothing showed up. I then found out that Covergirl decided that the 4th was the day to announce the collection and only had it online on their website.

This week, I finally found it at Walgreens! Sadly my Walgreens only had 4 of the 6 shades and the mascara, but I grabbed what I could. I’ll be reviewing the lipsticks first and then the mascara another day.

Let’s do this!

To start off, I want to express just a bit more disappointment. The packaging is a huge let down. It’s black with the logo on one side. No fancy pictures or playing around with how it could look. The bullets of lipstick could have easily been printed to look like a lightsabre, but instead it’s plain. The names are also a let down. The shades I got are Lilac (20), Gold (70), Dark Purple (50), and Red (30). Talk about boring. They could have had awesome names that fit the movie perfectly. Nope, we get boring packaging and boring names.

I guess we can take a look at the colors now.


From left to right: Red, Gold, Dark Purple, and Lilac.

All the colors are on the shimmery/metallic side, which makes sense given the theme at hand. They also had to be built up a few layers to give a good sense of the color.

Let’s take a look at each one.


First up is the shade Red. I’m renaming it to Sith because that’s a better name.



It’s a dark blue-red shade. It has a metallic finish. It does go on a bit patchy and bleeds into the lipline easily. It does leave a bit of a stain, but does transfer easy. I like the color, but a lip liner is really needed.


Now we have Deep Purple. This one is being renamed Keshiri because I said so.



So uh, this is patchy and bleeds. Another one needing lip liner for sure. Eventually this builds up and you need a primer under for it to wear well. I love the shade and it’s perfect for fall, it’s just the formula isn’t great. It does stain though.


This one is Gold, but we’re going to ignore that and call it C-3PO because HOW DO YOU NOT DO THAT COVERGIRL?!?!



This one is pretty, but sheer. It doesn’t pull very orange on me, which was a nice surprise due to my cool undertones. This one doesn’t bleed as much, but a clear liner wouldn’t hurt. This one I had issues getting all the shimmery stuff off afterwards. It wanted to hang around forever.


Our last one is Lilac Windu. I’m not explaining why.



This reads more silver than purple, but is a nice color. It builds up to opacity, but is a bit sheer to start. I didn’t experience much bleeding, but given the others, I could see it being a problem.

Final thoughts.

The colors I got are nice, but the formula isn’t the greatest. I found that layering the more sheer ones over the darker colors gives a really nice result and makes the gold and lilac a bit more wearable. I’m upset with how this collection was marketed as a whole from the release date nonsense, to the lack of creativity with packaging and names. While I’ll get use out of the colors, I’m incredibly let down.

Pros: Unique colors for the drugstore

Cons: Patchy and bleeding formula, hard to find, limited edition, doesn’t embrace the theme

If you can find them, the Covergirl Star Wars: The Force Awakens collection can be found where Covergirl is sold. You can also get them online through Covergirl for about $7 each.

Stay beautiful!


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