tarte At First Blush Holidaze Set


**Products were purchased by myself. All opinions are my own.**

So the holiday sets have started to hit the beauty world and they’re all so stunning. When I was deciding on one to pick up, I knew I wanted a blush set for sure. I also knew that tarte had two different holiday blush items. The first being a blush palette and the second being this set. I went with the “At First Blush” set over the palette because of a couple of reasons. One, I wanted a plum blush for fall, and two, this was cheaper.

The set contains 4 limited edition, travel-sized, blushes.


As you can see, they’re the Amazonian clay blush line, so if you’ve used one of those before, you know what to expect for the most part.

So, as I mentioned, these are travel sized blushes. What does that mean exactly?


On the left is a regular sized tarte blush and on the right is one of the ones from this set. As you can see, it’s a bit smaller, but still decently sized. The regular sized blush contains .2 oz of product. The travel sized blushes contain .05 oz of product.

Let’s take a look at the colors we get in this set!


As you can see, they’re about what is described on the back of the packaging. Let’s take a look at the back of these little compacts.


Pretty standard stuff. The only difference compared to the full sized tarte blushes is that there isn’t a pinhole on the back to let you pop the pans out of the case. This means if you wanted to depot them, you’d have to do it the hard way. I’m not too upset about this because these are smaller.

Let’s look at some swatches!


Holy crap are these pigmented. Epic and Entertain are a bit lighter, but they both can be built up to a bolder color. Embellish does have a tiny bit of microshimmer that the camera didn’t pick up. It’s not super noticeable on the cheek either, so that’s a bonus.

When I wore these, they went on super pigmented, which was a bit different from the other tarte blushes. Epic and Embellish are the two more pigmented ones and even though I used a light hand, I still had to blend these out a bit. All 4 blended out just fine and weren’t chalky or stubborn.

Final thoughts:

Personally, I feel these are a great deal for the holidays. For $35 you get 4 high quality blushes that are flattering on most skintones. The blushes are highly pigmented, so even with the smaller size,  you won’t use it up quickly. My personal favorite of the 4 is Embellish, but I enjoy Epic as well. Since these are separate compacts instead of one palette, it’s easier to take the color with you for touchups if you need to.  They are also pretty long-wearing colors as well.

Pros: Great price! Pigmented. Great for travel.

Cons: Smaller compacts. Harder to depot.

The tarte At First Blush holiday set can be found online at tarte and Ulta. It retails for $35 at both places and is limited edition!


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