Too Faced Stardust by Vegas Nay


**Product was purchased by myself and all opinions are my own.**

So, if you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about this palette already. If you have been under a rock, let me break it down for you a bit.

Too Faced partnered with Vegas Nay to create a palette. The palette is also bundled with a loose shimmer powder, Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, and 6 look cards with step by step instructions on the back. Combine all of that and you have Stardust.

I was incredibly hyped for this palette after seeing some of my favorite youtubers review it, so when it was possible, I got it myself and decided to review it as well. So let’s get into this!

To start off, I’m going to do quickie reviews of the additional products and then the eyeshadows.


This is the “Better Than Sex” mascara and it’s not better than sex. Unless your version of sex includes burning and stinging eyes, then in that case, this is perfect for you! For me however, it wasn’t a good experience. The wand is fluffy and the product isn’t too wet or too dry. It applied beautifully and looked wonderful, but about 5 minutes later I started to feel a burning and stinging feeling so I had to take it off. Such a shame because it looked great on me.


This is the Glamour Dust Glitter in Nude Beam that comes with the set. It’s a loose shimmer/glitter powder. I tried to apply this both wet and dry. Both ways had a lot of fallout, which was hard to remove because glitter is just impossible to escape. It’s gorgeous and if you’re going to use this, I suggest going the wet route. There were less issues and you could really pack it on. If you have hooded eyes like I do, maybe consider using this as a highlighter instead of on your eyes. This shit will transfer to your hood unless you use a glue. Even then, I can’t make promises. Gorgeous powder, just messy.


The last product included with the palette is Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance primer. Now, I like trying out new eyeshadow primers and this one was great. I used it with the look I’ll have below and I grabbed it when I was testing out other shadows. I have to say, it’s a great primer, especially for hooded eyes. I had no transfer issues and everything stayed where I wanted it to. Highly suggest this primer if you’re looking for something new.

Let’s look at some eyeshadows!


Ooooooh. They’re all so pretty. The swatches are broken up in three groups and I’ll review the shadows in each group.

First row:


This is the top row and they’re all satin mattes.

Chandelier is a light neutral color and the perfect base color for me. If you’re warmer and darker, this would probably be a bit ashy or better for a matte highlight shade. Applied wonderfully and smooth.

Millennial is a warm medium brown. As you can see, it pulls orange on me due to my cool undertones, but it’s a lovely transitional shade and would be perfect for darker skintones. Since it does pull orange, it works great with my blue eyes. Smooth application and easy to blend.

Girl’s Night is a deep warm brown. Again, we’re pulling on the orange side due to undertones. This is great for defining the crease or socket and is very smooth and blendable. I used this as my transitional shade in the look at the end of the post.


These are the next two rows. We’re approaching shimmer world!

#Selfie is a cream white with silver shimmer. This color is the perfect inner corner and browbone highlight for me. It’s easy to blend and while it’s a shimmer, it’s not one of those BAM! in your face shimmers that people with hooded eyes should avoid.

Showgirl is a bronze with a pearl finish. This one blends out like a dream and could be used as an all over lid shade if you just wanted a wash of color. It’s also perfect for fall eye looks.

Jackpot is a brown with gold microglitter. Pair this with showgirl and you’re off to the races with a gorgeous look. It blends out well and has very little glitter fallout.

Pink Pearl is a cool light pink. I’m super disappointed in this shade. It’s lacking pigmentation and doesn’t apply very well. This could be used as a highlight though, both eyes and cheek.

The Strip is a silver mauve shade. Same problems with this as Pink Pearl. Not as pigmented and harder to work with.

Follow me is a blue purple with blue sparkle. This one I couldn’t get working for me. It swatched beautifully, but it’s hard to work with. It also doesn’t fit the rest of the shadows in the palette as well as it could.


This is the last row plus a swatch of the loose powder for those curious.

Double Tap is a deep red brown with violet sparkle. I love this shade for defining the crease/socket and along the lash line. It blends well, though the sparkle isn’t as noticeable as I’d like.

Golden Nugget is a gold foiled shadow and this one is a beauty. It blends out well and is pigmented. Though, it’s worth noting to get real texture and color payoff with this shadow, you have to use a dense brush and pat it on (not sweep) or use your clean finger to pat it on. Then blend out the edges and you’re good to go. Great lid color and I’m sure would make a lovely holo eye.

Sin City is a matte black. It blends well and is pigmented. It’s also a matte black and almost every damn palette ever has one of these. I will never run out of matte black eyeshadow in my lifetime.

Nude beam is reviewed a bit further up.

So let’s look at how they wear.


In this I’m wearing Chandelier, Girl’s Night, Showgirl, Jackpot, Golden Nugget, Double Tap, and #Selfie as a highlight. Mascara is not the Too Faced one, but Covergirl Supersizer.

Here is the look about 6 hours later after running errands and two doctors appointments.


As you can see, the eye shadow held up a lot better than my foundation did.

Final thoughts:

This is a nice set and the palette itself is wonderful, especially for warmer looks. The shadows are perfect for fall looks and the only misses for me is that complete 3rd row. So, 9 of 12 shadows are ones I’d highly suggest, unless you can find uses for the other three.

Pros: Great combo deal for the price, pigmented shadows, beautiful for fall.

Cons: Mascara made my eyes burn,  3 colors were’t the greatest.

You can buy the Stardust set for $45 at Ulta or directly from Too Faced. This is a limited edition set, so if you want it, you’ll need to get it soon!

Stay Beautiful!


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