Urban Decay Vice 4


**Products were purchased on my own. All opinions are my own.**

Let’s stop for a moment.

Urban Decay has released the Vice palette for this year and ooooh boy is it a gorgeous one. If you follow my instagram, and you totally should,  you’d have seen me send a shot out the other day of the colors. It’s gorgeous. From the packaging to the shadows, it’s a breathtaking experience in a way. Let’s jump right in!

First up, let’s take a look at the back of the box.


We get a look at what shadows are inside and description of them.

Moving on!


The palette itself comes in this nifty bag, which is a perfect makeup bag. The design is holographic (like the box and palette) and has that shattered design. If I can figure out a way, I’m putting a handle on this and using it as a purse. It’s that gorgeous.

Now, let’s take a second and admire the outside of this palette.



Now that we’ve looked at the pretty colors and design, let’s talk about this palette and how it’s constructed. It is all hard plastic and has a slight magnetic closure on the corners. there is a nice indent to reach in to pop it open so you’re not going to lose a nail trying to get it open. It’s also not going to randomly open on you either. In the lid, there is a mirror the entire size of the palette. Speaking of the palette, let’s look at the pans.


Oooooh. All the pretty colors.

As you can see, it also comes with a brush. The bush is neither good nor bad. Its the same exact brush that was in the Vice 3 palette, just a purple instead of green handle. The longer bristled end was ok at putting my base color down.

Moving on to swatches and review!


I’m going row by row, so this is the top row.

Bones: It’s a neutral grey with a bit of sheen to it. It’s not quite shimmery, but it’s also not a matte. It blended out well and I used it as my base shade for a couple of looks.

Grip: This is a grey with microglitter sparkle in it. This would be a great wash of color over the lids if you wanted a bit of an amped up neutral look. Blended out ok, but on the chalky side.

Deadbeat: It’s a dark grey with hint of shimmer in it. Great for deepening the crease or socket area.

Beatdown: This is a satin matte dark purple. Applies a bit clunky, but does blend out well.

Pandemonium: This is a plum with microshimmer. Really gorgeous shade that blends out well. Would be amazing over a black cream base as a smokey eye.


Framed: This is a light neutral shade. Great for a base color and blends out well. It’s also a matte so perfect for a brow highlight on hooded eyes.

Fastball: This is a peachy/orangey/pink shade with micro glitters. It’s sheer, but can be built up. For this one to really shine, I suggest patting it on to the lid with a dense brush or fingertip.

1985: This is a fuchsia shade that has a nice sheen. It’s a bit sheer and needs to be built up for real big payoff, but great color.

Underhand: This is a reddish brown satin color. This is perfect in the crease or socket. Would also be lovely as part of a fall golden-toned smokey eye.

Harlot: This is metallic lavender. It leans a bit towards the grey side though. Great as a highlight or transitional shade if you use it with Beatdown.


Discreet: This color is perfectly named because this shit doesn’t show up. If you want a more transparent base color, use this. It’s a dusty mauve matte, but it has almost zero color payoff.

Grasshopper: Now, this is one with some color payoff. This is an emerald green shade that has microshimmer in it. Absolutely gorgeous on the lid and color payoff is there. This is another pat it on shade. Pat it on for best results.

C-Note: This is frosty green with micro shimmer. It’s essentially the color of money (US Dollars) and is gorgeous on the outer corner to darken it up a bit or on its own as a green smokey eye.

Arctic: This is a bright teal with microshimmer. Absolutely gorgeous on its own, but if you blend it with Grasshopper, you’re in for a great colorful look. Blends out like a dream.

Robbery: This is a metallic brown-gunmetal shade. Could be used alone for a smokey eye or in the crease/socket area for depth of color. Blends very well


Bitter: A reddish brown matte. This is a warmer color, but would be a great transitional or crease color. Blends out well.

Flame: Bright orange metallic shade. This is pretty much my holy grail lid color now. It’s absolutely gorgeous and applies well (patting method). If you want a sheer version, go ham with blending and it’ll blend out like a dream. I’d say this is a must have for blue eyes.

Low: Brown matte with microshimmer. This one is a bit clunky to apply, but does eventually blend out.

Crowbar: This is a black with gold microshimmer. An amazing shade for fall and makes a gorgeous smokey eye that is amped up a bit.

Delete: Deep brown matte. Great crease or outer corner shade. Perfect for adding depth of color.

Final thoughts:

If you’re in the market for some great colors but also want some versatility, this is worth picking up. There are so many options with this that you might not even have to reach for another palette. With the shimmery shades, there is fallout. I kind of expected this since that’s pretty typical of Urban Decay shadows. If that doesn’t scare you off, or you want a way to deal with it, all you got to do is put down some powder under your eyes and on your cheek. Once you’re done with your eyes, you can brush it away without getting pigmented smears on your cheek. The only shade in the whole palette I didn’t like much was Discreet. It has almost no color payoff on me. My favorites are Flame and the three green shades.

Pros: Tons of shadows, gorgeous and functional packaging, pigmented (one exception)

Cons: Fallout.

Urban Decay Vice 4 can be purchased through Urban Decay or at Ulta and Sephora. It’s a limited edition palette, so if you want it, grab it fast! It retails for $60.

Look with the palette:


Stay beautiful!


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