Tips & Tricks – Chic and Easy Manicure



So, today I want to talk about one of my favorite things, easy and chic manicures.

One of my major downfalls is my ability to be artistic. When I try to free hand designs, it turns into a hot mess. This is why this type of manicure is perfect for me. It requires no skill and looks cute with all sorts of color combinations!



As you can see, I did an accent nail, but you don’t have to do that. I thought it would give a nice contrast. For the look above, I used a trio of polishes from Zoya. They’re actually the colors they created for the Xang Toi AW2015 show. I was lucky enough to win them through a giveaway Zoya did, but if you must have that dark brown, it’s available for sale.  The others aren’t for sale, but you can find similar colors or something unique for you!

So if you want to recreate what I’ve done above, you’ll need 3 different colors. The shades I used were a brown, a cream, and a shimmery silver/grey. You’ll also need a base and top coat to make your beautiful nails last a long time. I prefer CND Stickey for a base and Seche Vite for a topcoat, but you can use the ones you typically reach for. To make the dots, you’re going to need a dotting tool of some sort. You can buy one online or make your own.

Let’s talk about making a dotting tool. The key to a good dotting tool is a rounded end you can dip into a bit of polish and dab onto the nail. Some good tools are bobby pins, dried out ballpoint pens, a sewing straightpin in a pencil eraser, the end of a paint brush, ect. The downside of these is that they can be hard to steady at times, but they work just as well as a proper dotting tool.

Let’s get started!

Step one: Paint your nails with a base coat. Let it dry for a moment.

Step two: Grab your darker color and paint all your nails except one if you’re doing an accent nail. If you’re not doing an accent nail, just paint all of them. Go back and give those nails a second coat.

Step three (optional): Paint your accent nail with a lighter color. Let it dry slightly and apply a second coat.

Step four: Grab something you can safely drop polish on (like a paper plate). Drip a bit of the grey color onto the plate.

Step five: Using a dotting tool, dip the end in the grey and then dot on your nails you painted the dark color. Don’t worry if they’re not even. If the polish on the plate starts to gum up or get thick, add a bit more.

Step six: Clean the dotting tool off and drip your darker color onto the plate.

Step seven: Repeat step five on your accent nail using the darker color.

Step eight: Allow the dots to dry for a moment and then apply topcoat.

Step nine: Clean up around your nails with a q-tip or brush dipped in polish remover.

Step ten: Admire that easy and chic look (or do your other hand)

I hope you enjoyed this quick tips and tricks for a cute and easy manicure. You can use any colors you want and even do multiple colored dots if you’re down for that.

Stay beautiful!


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