elf 1 Dollar Sale Haul!



A couple of weeks ago, I saw that elf was holding a 1 dollar sale on their website for some of the “pro” products in the line. These products typically range from $3 and up, so I figured I’d grab a bunch since it was such a great deal. Since it was also my first time buying from them online, I got a code for free shipping when I registered!

So, I got a small range of products and I’ll start with the easiest one to review.


This is the clear brow and lash mascara. I got this because I’ve been needing something stronger than my brow wax to hold things in place. I figured for a dollar, why the hell not? The brow mascara works great and doesn’t budge until I take it off at night. The clear mascara is great to mix with some eyeshadow and you can have colored mascara. I just get the wand with product on it and spin it in some eyeshadow I scraped off onto the back of my hand. Make sure you’re using clean tools and hands for this!


I grabbed two blushes. Only one of them is a traditional blush though, and it’s this one! This is the shade Berry Merry and I have to say, I love it! It pulls more plum in person and is less shimmery than it looks in the pan. It’s a great plum/berry shade and amazing for fall! It’s not super chalky, but does kick up some powder. It’s quite pigmented when applied, so if you want just a little flush, use a light hand and be sure to knock excess off.


This is the other “blush” I got and it’s in the shade Gotta Glow. As you can tell from the name, it’s a highlighter, or at least that’s what it tries to me. This is very powdery and applies chalky. It doesn’t have any glow if you apply it dry and just looks like you smeared white chalk on your face.

But! If you swirl and get some on your brush and then spritz it with a bit of setting spray or the such and then apply it? It’s a gorgeous champagne colored highlight. I wouldn’t suggest this unless you’re down for the spritz life to get it to work. It’s an intense highlight if you go that route and amazing for the price.


I also picked up three lip products that weren’t liners! This is the first and it’s a sheer tinted gloss in the shade Sangria Starters. This is a great tinted gloss that isn’t sticky or weird on the lips. This is not fully opaque, but is great if you want a hint of color or on top of another lipstick. This is also a crayon type of product instead of a doe foot applicator, which I prefer.


Remember how I said the last one was great for layering? Yeah, I layered it over this lipstick. This is the matte lip color in the shade Wine. This color is fantastic and is amazing for fall. It wears nicely and leaves a stain behind. It’s not super drying either and is comfortable to wear for the day. The problem is that I twisted it up once and then when I went to open it another time, the lip product slid right out. I was able to get it back in, but not a great thing to happen.


This is the shade tea rose. It wears pretty much the same as the shade Wine and is incredibly gorgeous. It pulls very pink on me, but is a nice mauve shade. I didn’t have packaging issues on this one, but I’m being careful now!


I also picked up a few lipliners! They are all creamy and long wearing. This is the shade Wine. It pairs great with the lip shade in Wine (obviously!)


This one is called Natural. It’s meant to be a nude shade, but is very brown on me. I used it under Touch of Spice by Maybelline and it worked out perfect!


This one is the shade Red and it’s a true red. Would work great with pretty much any shade of red lipstick you have.


This one is Nude Pink. I was hoping this would be the type of nude for my undertones and I was wrong. It pulls orange-ish on me and doesn’t play well under any pink or nude lip colors. It’s ok on it’s own, but not what I was looking for.

All the lipliners come with a brush on the opposite end for blending.


This is what the brush looks like on the lipliners. It’s a dense lip brush and works great for blending out the creamier lip products. I used them to clean up and blur the edges and they work great!

All of these products can retail for well under $10 and can be found where elf is sold or on their website. 

Stay beautiful!



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