Wet N Wild-Holiday Collection Glitter Palette



So, I was at Walgreens, and I was walking around and spotted various holiday sets sitting above the shelves. I saw a couple Wet N Wild ones, including this glitter palette, so I knew I had to grab them.


This is the back of the palette. It’s the same size as the other Wet n Wild 6 shade palettes and it comes with a foam applicator.

Before I show off the swatches, I feel I need to warn you. These are cream eyeshadows. And by cream eyeshadows, I mean they are glitter suspended in what feels like petroleum jelly.


Here’s the left side of the palette.


As you can see, they’re a bit sheer and are meant to go over another eyeshadow. The bottom one has the most glitter payoff, but the others don’t look too bad.

Right side of palette.


Again, the bottom one has the most bang for your buck, but the others aren’t bad if you want a subtle glow.

My thoughts:

Though these feel greasy, they apply nicely with a dense brush or a finger. I tried them over powder eyeshadow and cream and they looked better over cream. They weren’t bad on the powder though. The downsides of these shadows is that they crease easy, or at least they did on me. These aren’t good for people with hooded eyes. The texture of the product means it never really sets, so it will move, transfer, and crease. Also, the glitter gets pretty much everywhere and is hard to get rid of completely.

Pros: Cheap, decent glitter payoff

Cons: Texture, creasing, transfer, glitter removal

These will be available wherever Wet n Wild is sold. I paid $5 for this palette.

Stay beautiful!


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