Tips & Tricks – Makeup when sick



So, I decided to do a little photo tutorial for you guys. The theme of this tutorial is the best way to look your best, when your not quite feeling the greatest. I’m a bit under the weather myself, so I figured this was the perfect time to do this and with cold season coming up, perfect for others!


So here’s the before picture. As you can tell, my eczema is flaring up, I look tired, and a little pissed off because I just found out I spent the weekend exposed to strep throat. I thought I just had a head cold 😦

The first thing I do is prime my face. Since I have some redness, I’m going to use two different primers.


I use this one where I don’t have redness on my face. This is also what I use on a typical day when I’m not super red.


To cover up the redness a bit, I use this. It’s a green based primer and helps to neutralize the redness. If you have redness, but don’t deal with it frequently, take a bit of a light green matte eyeshadow, scrape some off, and mix it in with a normal primer you use. It’ll do the same thing and won’t require you to get more products. You can do this with a yellow eyeshadow to counteract purple in the face.

Since things are looking dire for me today, I had to also color correct a bit.


For that I used NYX HD concealer in green. I just dotted it on any major redspots and then used what was left on the doefoot to spread over areas that need extra coverage. I then just blended it into my face with my clean hands. For spots, I patted it in, but for the widespread places, I rubbed.


Woo! Look at us all color corrected. As you can see, there is a light tint of green, but it won’t be enough to show through foundation. As you can see, most of the redness is gone though!

Moving on!


Set that shit. Seriously. If you don’t set any color correcting with a bit of powder, it can move around while you apply your foundation and we want it to stay where we put it. If you don’t want to powder because you’re extra dry skinned, then spritz some setting spray and let it soak in for a few minutes. My go-to translucent setting powder is Fatality by Shiro Cosmetics.


Alright! Time to go crazy with some foundation. For this look, I went with FitMe! in the shade 115. The shade is actually a bit too dark for my skin, but it’s the lightest in the dewy formula they have with pink undertones, so until I get a white mixer, I suck it up. Use your go-to foundation or bb cream.

Apply this however you want, but when going over any color correcting, be sure to stipple or bounce instead of swirl or smear. It could unset our hard work and we don’t want that.


Time to conceal! I do this after foundation so I don’t use much concealer. As you can tell, I use NARS Radient Creamy Concealer in Vanilla, so I don’t want to waste expensive product. Apply this only to where you have darkness. So up around your eye and under it. If you see a bit of redness or pimples showing through your foundation, apply this there as well.

Now, before you blend, grab two things.


A setting spray and a brush. Now, you don’t have to use a monster of a brush like I do, but I like the pointed tip of this one because it can get under my lower lashes easier.

Spray your brush with a bit of setting spray and then go blend out the concealer. For this look, blend some of the concealer over your eyelids as well to act as a base for eyeshadow later.

If your brush gets dry or stiff, spray a bit more. This thins out the product, without losing the pigmentation. It also helps to set the concealer as it dries, so less creasing. Once you’re blended out, set your face with some powder.


Look at that! Much better now. We’re all color corrected and concealed. Let’s talk brows.


When I’m sick, the last thing I want to do is fuck around with my brows. This is where this is handy. It’s a brow mascara that I got in a Glossybox. Quite a few companies sell them though and they’re awesome to have on hand. You just brush it through and it deposits color and product to hold them in place. If you don’t have fuller brows, then you’ll probably have to add powder or a pencil as well. But you should have a brow mascara handy for quick looks.


Moving on to the eyes. This part may vary for everyone, but I’m going to use Shimma Shimma by Makeup Geek. It’s the champagne color. It has some shimmer to it, but not large chunks of glitter. What I do is just pack it all over the lid, especially my mobile lid. That’s pretty much it.
If you don’t like shimmer or this is too light for you, go with a color closer to your skintone or a matte. I like the slight shimmer because it gives the illusion that I’m awake, even if I’m dead tired. Your call though!


Eyeliner time! I reach for a nice brown or plum liner when I’m sick. I just go along the lashline and smudge it out a little bit. Nothing fancy, just enough to line things and open the eyes up more. This one is a waterproof pencil from Marcelle. I got it in my Birchbox a few months ago and love it. Use what you like though.

We’ll come back to mascara in a bit.


Time to add some color back to the face. I know when I’m sick, I just look ghostly, so I need to add color. Having a neutral/natural blush in your set is great, especially for this. I’m using Flush by tarte. I apply this where I normally wear blush, but I also bring it lightly to the apples of my cheeks and across the nose. You can also go into the eye area slightly as well. This gives a hint of color back to your face.

What?!?! No highlighter or bronzer?!?!
I don’t bronze, but no highlighter for me. Highlighting has a place, but when you’re just trying to look like a functional human, it’s better to skip it. Less stuff on the face to make you feel gross. If you feel up to it, then go for it though!


Mascara! I do this after I fuss with all the powders going on my face. I don’t want mascara (or lipstick!) to get all over the rest of my face. I’m using Covergirl Clump Crusher. It’s in black, but if you wanted to use a brown, that’d be awesome as well. Just a light coat of it, to give a bit of framing around the eyes is all you need.



When I’m sick, I reach for a chapstick, or lip balm that is tinted, especially if I’m coughing or sneezing. If I’m not doing either of those, I go for a nice gloss. This is a custom gloss from Shiro using her eyeshadow shade of Eye Contact. You can use whatever you want. I tend to avoid bullet lipsticks or liquid lipsticks because they can be drying and a pain in the ass to maintain/apply. We want to keep it simple and easy when we’re sick.

Finished look!


Here we go! As you can see, I still look under the weather, but at least I look like I could run to the store for cold meds if I had to.

Hope you guys enjoyed this and can take parts of it and put it to use! Stay beautiful!

PS: Yes, those are fluffy panda pjs. I am sick after all.


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