Wet n Wild – Fergie Center Stage Brush Set



So this was another one of those things I grabbed while browsing Walgreens. This is the Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage brush set. It comes with two face brushes, two eyeshadow brushes, and a brow brush. All of the brushes are vegan, so that means synthetic hairs.


So the first brush is called “The Louder Powder” and is a standard powder brush. The bristles are in pointed dome shape, almost like a triangle. The hairs are incredibly soft and this brush is wonderful at applying setting powder. It allows for a light touch, so not too much powder cakes up on the face.


This next one is called “A Crush on Blush” and as the name implies, it’s a blush brush. It’s a big fluffy angled brush with soft hairs. It doesn’t pick up a ton of product, but enough to deposit a nice wash of color. You can use this to blend it out as well and it does a wonderful job of that.


The last 3 brushes are for around the eye area. You get two brushes called “In Your Shadow” and a brow brush/comb called “The Perfect Groom”.

The brow brush is the standard one and doesn’t wow me any. The comb was great for combing out my lashes though. As far as brushes go, I’ll stick to a spoolie.

The eyeshadow brushes are nice. They’re both dense and stiffer brushes than typical eyeshadow brushes, so they’re better for cream products. Since I got two of the same brush, I tried one out for cream eye products and the other for concealer. I used these to apply NYX black bean for a look and it went on flawlessy. As far as concealer goes, this brush has also worked well for applying and blending out my color corrector.

My thoughts:

For $10, this is a nice little set of brushes. The handles are high quality and the hairs all feel very nice. Upon washing them, I noticed no loose glue or shedding of the hairs at all. I really like the eyeshadow brushes and the powder brush. The blush brush is also nice for a lighter touch. I could pass on the brow brush though. If you’re looking for some inexpensive, yet good quality, brushes, these could round out your collection. I wish they were part of the main line and not limited edition.

You can buy these brushes where Wet n Wild is sold. I’m not sure if these are Walgreen exclusive, but that’s where I got my set. It retails for $10.


2 thoughts on “Wet n Wild – Fergie Center Stage Brush Set

  1. I just found the exact black entire set at Ross for 6.99! But the new white set with the pink on the tip of brushes I believe is much better more dense but still soft. I’m lovin those trying to find them wherever I can!
    Maybe i will keep and give this black set to my niece.


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