Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Lip Collection

WnWCenterStageLipsticksPurchasedMyselfSo, I have another Wet n Wild holiday collection for you guys! I went into Walgreens on Halloween and was after some of the cool Eyelure Halloween lashes and they didn’t have them anymore, so I decided to pick this set up instead. They had all the other sets as well, so I might go back and grab them.

This set comes with 6 full sized lip products for $10. That means each of these equal out to about $1.60, so not too bad. It comes with two of the Megalast lipsticks, two Vicious Varnishes, and two Velvet Mattes. Now, in my local stores, I’ve never seen the varnishes or matte crayons before, so this was exciting for me.

Let’s jump right in!


This first color is called “Old School Glam”. This is a very bright pink with slightly orange tones in it. It’s creamy and very pigmented and lasts a good while. The color isn’t really a fall or winter color, but it’s a great color to have.


This next one is in the shade “Fuchsianista” and is a bright fuchsia. Again, not a color that I’d typically wear for fall or winter, but a gorgeous color. It’s creamy and pigmented, and does leave a bit of a stain behind. Wear time is a couple of hours if you don’t do a lot of drinking or eating.



As you can see, the finish on these are a bit more on the frosty side, but they are brighter colors for sure. Extremely pigmented.


So this is the Vicious Varnish in the shade “Flawless”. It’s a nice pink shade and is a bit more season appropriate. It’s worth noting that this and the next shade are lip stains and *not* liquid lipsticks. The applicator is a doefoot style, but it’s completely flat and rectangular. The stain lasts quite a few hours.


This is the shade “Epic” and it’s a deep berry purple. This one is what I think of for fall. It has the same applicator as the other one and is also a stain. It lasted a good 5 hours before I removed my makeup, so I’d say it’s worth it.

The downside of both of these stains is that they have a purfume-y smell to them and it lingers slightly on the lips.



As you can see, these are a bit glossy, but they are super sticky and need to be treated like a typical lip stain.


This is the first of the Velvet Mattes and it’s in the shade “Plumgenue”. This is a gorgeous mauvey plum shade and what I think of for fall. These are incredibly creamy and go on like a dream. I was worried that they’d just be a matte lipstick that I’d have to reapply often. These actually end up setting after a few minutes and are pretty much transfer proof. They wear comfortably on the lips and aren’t drying at all. They will unset if you eat anything greasy or oily, but do leave a stain behind.


This one is in the shade “Fashion Darling” and it’s a nice brown/nude shade. It has the same formula as the other matte, but pulls orange on me, so I’ll have to make it work somehow.



As you can see, they’re matte and season appropriate. This formula is the best of the three in the set and I wish there was a set of just these lip products.

Final thoughts:

For $10 you get 6 lip products to try out. The megalast lip colors are always great and will be fun for brighter looks. The lip stains aren’t something I’m a fan of, but there are some out there that love them, so this is perfect. My vote goes to the matte crayons though, those are some of the most comfortable lipsticks I’ve worn in years and were matte and pretty much transferproof. If the line of those was readily available to me, I’d buy them all.

If you want to try out these products, I feel like this is a great deal.

You can buy this particular set at Walgreens and it retails for $10. I’m not sure if it’ll be available elsewhere.

Stay beautiful!


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