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So, I’m a sucker for buying things that some of my favorite beauty bloggers/youtubers collaborate on. It’s a bad habit, but it took over again. This time, I just had to get the Guest Editor box from Birchbox for the month of November. This one was curated by Tati from GlamLifeGuru. Now, I had the choice of getting this, or my regular birchbox. I could also buy it on its own, which is what I ended up doing. This means I’ll also get the regular November box and that review will go up when it gets here!

So, let’s jump into this box!


This first item is the Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Serum. The sample size is .1 fl oz and the full size retails for $36. This product claims to plump skin while promoting cellular regeneration.

This gets a hearty meh from me. It wasn’t particularly hydrating and just felt like I was rubbing one of my primers into my skin. I’m going to stick to my Cerave in the tub, does a better job and much cheaper.


This is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day dry shampoo. This dry shampoo claims to actually clean the hair of oil, sweat, and odor. The sample size is a nice hearty 1.8oz and the full size retails for $22.

This, does actually clean the hair. I had a particularly nasty sweat session while in the kitchen making dinner, sprayed this in, rubbed it around, and my hair felt clean. There is a slight downside though. The product has a strong floral smell to it. It does linger for a good 30-45 minutes, but then fades away. If you can’t handle strong smells, pass on this. Just skip it and go with something else. Personally, I probably won’t purchase it because I use dry shampoo on a regular basis and $22 is just not what I’m willing to spend on something I go through in a month. This sample is nice though and will be going into the purse for on the go fixes.


This product has a bit of a story to it. If you haven’t heard, Birchbox launched an in-house brand and it’s called LOC (love of color). For the first season of products, they collaborated with Tati, so it makes sense that it was included in this box. Another one of the products will be in my regular November box as well.
This is the One & Done Shadow Stick in the shade Day Trip. This is the full size and it retails for $10. Day Trip is a nice golden shade. The product claims to be creaseless and waterproof and I’m happy to report that it’s both. I wore this all over the lid, blended it out a bit, and then packed KVD Thunderstruck over it and it stayed put all day. No creasing, especially up around my hood. It also works without packing a dry shadow over it, I just like to do that over shadow sticks because you can get some cool effects!

Will I purchase more of these? Probably and I’ll end up using my Birchbox points on them because that’s what I like to do. I love shadow sticks because they allow you to be lazy and these are nice.


So this is the Jouer Essential Lip Enhancer. The full size retails for $16 and it claims to help minimize lines, increase fullness, and moisturize the lips without stinging or burning.

It’s not a bad lip balm/treatment, but it’s not something I’d see myself purchasing. It’s not super moisturizing or healing and has a bit of a gritty texture on the lips. It is tinted a light pink, which I don’t care about. With lip products like this, I’m putting them on before bed, so I don’t care if it’s tinted or not. I experienced a tiny bit of lip fullness, but the fine lines were still there. I’d say it’s too expensive, but I have no problem paying $12 for my Qtica lip therapy balm, which works a hell of a lot better.

This is another one of those meh products to me.


Last up we have the Shiseido Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate. So, this is an eye cream. It claims that it helps the eye area look healthier and firmer, while boasting the benefits of other eyecare products. The sample size is nice, since you really don’t need a lot of product for eye cream, but the full size retails for a whooping $65.

It says it firms up the area, and I can say I did feel that. I didn’t do squat to help with dark circles or extra hydration though, which is what my current eye cream (which I got from Birchbox as well!) does, and does well. If firming is what you need, this is a great eye cream for that, but it’s pretty expensive. I am not going to purchase a full size of this. I’m still working through the sample of the eye cream I love and the full size of that is only $25.

Final thoughts:

This box is kind of meh for me. The shadow stick is full sized and is the same price I paid for the box, so that works out. The skincare products are all a giant meh for me and the dry shampoo is just ok. Here’s hoping that my actual November box is awesome (I saw the preview and I’m already upset, so probably not).

You can get goodies like this with a monthly subscription to Birchbox. It costs $10 a month and you are treated to 5 items to try out. They also have the best point system of all the subscription boxes and you have a chance to earn 5 dollars in points back just from reviewing each box. You can sign up through my link if you’d like. If you sign up before November 9th, 2015, Both you and I would get $10 to spend in the store!

Stay Beautiful


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