Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Beauty University Palette



So I have yet another Wet n Wild holiday set for you guys. This is probably the last one I’ll pick up this year, and boy is it a big one. This is the Beauty University palette and it comes with 72 eyeshadows, 29 glitters/creams, and 29 lipglosses. Pretty much it’s one of those giant palettes that have the rainbow.

Typically I avoid these because they tend to come from brands that are pretty much no-names and have terrible quality, but since it’s a well known drugstore brand, I had to pick it up and see if it’s worth the $30. Let’s get into this massive thing!

First up the lipglosses.


So these are swatches of the first 5 rows of lipglosses. I did the larger square first and then the left and right pans. These swatches were done using lip brushes, not my fingers because of the size of the pans.


Second row of the glosses, same deal as above for order of swatching.

So, I’m a bit disappointed in these. I know they are glosses and you run the risk of these being sheer, but in the pan, some of them look really pigmented. They were all creamy, but you needed a bit just to get some coverage and color payoff. Since you need a lot, and the pans are tiny…this happens:


Yeah, that was just from swatching and trying to get enough for one swipe of color.

These would be great to try new shades out once, just for fun, but there’s not enough there for anything else. You could use them as a nice blush instead, but would run out just as fast.

Moving on to the glitter and creams!


So, these are the first three rows of glitters and creams. I did the large cream shadow and the two glitters left to right afterwards.

A couple of weeks ago I reviewed the holiday glitter palette and explained that those were just glitters suspended in a clear base. Same deal here. The creams are nice, but the ones in this group weren’t as pigmented. They’d make great bases for powder shadows.


So, these are the next 3 rows swatched in the same order as above. These ones I liked much more than the first batch. The creams are much more pigmented and will be great under duochromes. The glitters are the same deal as before.


This is the last 4 rows, and you can see there are less glitters and more creams in this bunch. The blacks are nice and creamy and are easier to work with than NYX Black Bean, which means it’ll be a wonderful base. The last two glitters don’t really show up at all, which is a shame. I think this is my favorite group of the creams and glitters.

Now for the bulk of this palette, the proper eyeshadows!


For all of these, they’re swatched from left to right and by row, so this would be row 1 in the palette. This one was a bit of a let down as far as color payoff goes. I was hoping for the yellows to be bolder, but I do like the gold and copper. The two colors on the left side would be great highlights, especially since they’re satin finishes.


Row 2, also known as the row of warmth. Again, the ones on the left side aren’t the greatest when it comes to pigmentation, but I think they’d be great for transitional or base shades. The oranges are pigmented and I’m in love with that mauve/red/pink thing going on.


Row 3 brings a bit of variety to the party. That first shade is pretty much my skintone, so it’ll be a great base color for me. The rest are pretty pigmented and were easy to swatch.


Row 4 is the green row and the greens didn’t really disappoint. The light greens would make a great highlight shade with a green eye look. The 3rd from the end seems like a less glittery version of C-Note from Vice 4.┬áThe last shade is a black/brown with gold microglitters. I pulled out Crowbar from the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette and I have to say they’re very close. Not quite dupes, but close enough where you wouldn’t need both.


On to the blue row! Row 5 had some pretty blues and a nice blue toned silver. All of the colors were pigmented and the last color would be stunning over a base. It’s a black with blue micro glitters. Would also be great to just deepen a look using these other blues.


The start of the neutrals! Row 6 was full of browns. For the most part, they’re a satin or matte finish, with a couple shimmers thrown in. The white shade was very chalky, but at least it was pigmented.


Row 7 had some deeper neutrals and browns. There were a couple of lighter shades, which would work as highlights, but you have a couple of choices for browns. There is a warm brown and a cool ones, so depending on your look, you can use either.


Row 8 is where I’m starting to question my sanity. This has whites, silvers, and greys. It goes right in a gradient with a range of finishes, but mainly shimmery/satin. The lighter ones aren’t as pigmented.


And the last row! Row 9 is the jacked up version of my normal complaint about palettes. There are 4 blacks. Two have glitter, one is matte, and one isn’t super pigmented. We are also continuing the grey theme from earlier. If you want a white/grey/black smokey eye, you’re covered.

Final thoughts:

Compared to other massive color palettes out there, I think this one is a great deal. The lipglosses I could live without, but even without those, you’re getting about 100 eye products to work with. I appreciate that in the powdered eyeshadows, there were a ton of glitters since there was a full glitter section. The non-glitter creams are wonderful and would be great bases for these shadows.

I will have to say, you’ll probably have to use primer with these to get the best payoff, but you could skate by with using just the creams from this palette as well. The lighter shades are the ones I worry about, but it does give a nice range of highlight shades for a variety of skintones or looks.

These are quality eyeshadows and fall along the typical Wet n Wild formula, so you know what you’re getting. The pans are smaller, but I don’t typically hit pan on eyeshadows unless I’m using them daily for years, so that’s not a problem. It is a problem for the lip products though.

I think that if you’re looking to add more colors and don’t want to spring for something like KVD Mi Vida Loca or Urban Decay Vice 4/Spectrum, this is a great option. This is also a wonderful option if you have a kid or teen just getting into makeup. This gives them plenty to play with, and is cruelty free. It also comes from a brand with name recognition, which helps.

I purchased this set at Walgreens for $30. You can get it there, or online. It might show up at other stores that sell Wet n Wild, so keep an eye out!


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