Birchbox November 2015



As promised in my other box review, here’s a look at my regular Birchbox arrival for the month of November. I’m going to go through everything one by one and let you know my thoughts and if I plan on purchasing the full size or not.


The first thing on the little card that I got is the Beauty Protector “Protect and Detangle” spray. This spray claims to be lightweight and hydrates, smooths, and even outs tone in hair. I can’t attest to the evening out of tone because, well, have you see my hair? But it does do a great job of smoothing and keeping things hydrated. I used it as a leave in conditioner type of product and not so much as a heat protector or detangler. Works great, but just not something I need. It does have a smell, but it’s not bad enough for me to nope out of the situation completely. I wouldn’t purchase a full sized simply because I have no need for a product like this.


So next up I have a perfume sample from Catherine Malandrino. To be fair, I’ve never heard of this person and I generally don’t like perfume samples.

I opened this up expecting to get something super strong and nasty that I could trick my other half into sniffing. Instead I was greeted with the ONLY perfume scent out there that I actually enjoy. I’ve been wearing it for the past few days and it is just an amazing smell. The card says that it mingles summery fruits and florals for an elegant vibe. It’s a very nice scent.

Now, do I plan on buying the full size? At $65-$110 as the range for the perfume, I’m not going to get any of those sizes. However! I did some digging and Macy’s has this scent as a roller ball for $28. I fully intend on picking up the roller ball.


So next up is a very blurry LOC Matte Lipstick in the shade Glam Life. I super apologize for the picture being blurry, the cat decided she was interested in what I was doing, at that very moment.

But, I have a swatch for you!


The card claims that these are soft, flexible, lipsticks that are easy to use and wear. Glam Life is a pretty color that applies nice and creamy, but this particular shade has issues with patchiness. I don’t think this is a fault with the brand or even the lipstick. This tends to be the case with darker colors overall. The color wears well and is comfortable on the lips. It’s not completely drying and doesn’t give that painted on look some mattes give.

I’m on the fence about buying more of these. The issue isn’t price (full sized is $8) and is more a situation of “Do I really need more lipsticks?”


**Warning** I’m going to bitch some here.

So, this is a Face Gloss by the brand Make. When I saw the little teaser on the Birchbox website, I was expecting a cream or maybe gel highlighter.

I was NOT expecting clear lip gloss being marketed as something you should slather on your face. It’s not even something that dries down nice or hydrates. It’s a sticky mess. The card claims that you can pat this on desired areas for subtle radiance. It also claims to refresh dull skin.

It does none of that and is just glorified lip gloss that they want you to put on your face. Obviously I’m not buying this. It’s $25 lip gloss for my face. Nope.


Last thing we have is a shower gel from Temple Spa. This is supposed to be soothing and softening to the skin. I did not do a full shower test run with this because it didn’t pass the first test. Whenever I get shower gels, I wash my hands with it first. If my hands dry out from it, there’s no way this is going widespread on my body. That’s what happened here. It was drying and smelled strongly of musk. I don’t like gendered shower items, but it has the smell that would be in a product marketed to men. Like Axe and Old Spice had a baby and it hit every branch of the ugly tree on the way down. That’s what it smelled like. Not cool.

Not even considering purchasing it.

Final thoughts

I’m a bit upset about my box this month, but I did find a product I plan on using in the future, which is always nice.

As always, if you wish to join Birchbox, you can do so through my link.  This month the deal for signing up through a link is that you’ll get $5 off your first box!

Stay beautiful people!


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