Jeffree Star Holiday Lipstick Collection



Hello out there! As you can see, I now have a video review to go with posts! It’s my first go at them, so please be gentle.

If you’d rather read and see pictures, then stay right where you are, I’m not changing that any.

Today I have the Jeffree Star Holiday Collection. As the picture shows, it is missing one color, Druglord. I do have that color, but I’ll be doing a separate post about that one specifically because of how unique it is.

So let’s jump into it! First up I have swatches of all 4 of the colors.


All of them a long wearing and comfortable on the lips. I’ve worn all 4 for a minimum of at least 5 hours and did some drinking and eating through that time.

Let’s jump into the break down of each color!


So first up, we have Hoe Hoe Hoe. I love this color and really like the name. I know it’s a bit crude, but it makes me giggle like a 12 year old, so whatever. It’s a deep red with purple micro shimmer throughout. When you think of Christmas and the traditional red and green, this is that shade of red. I can see it being a nice classic red for all year round. My problems are that it’s a bit chunky to apply and needs a couple of coats.


Now we have Dollparts! Dollparts is a cool toned pink. In the tube and in swatches online, it’s quite light. On me, it’s quite dark. It’s a gorgeous color though and I’m going to get some use out of it for sure. It applied well and wore very well. No real concerns with this shade.


Androgeny is a dark brownish mauve shade. It applies like a dream and held up to impromptu Mexican food pretty well. My only complaint is that it’s dark and much more brown on me than anything else. Honestly, Dollparts ended up being more like what I wanted this shade to be. I’ll still use it, just not as much.


Up last we have Mistletoe. This is that true holiday green that you see. It’s a gorgeous color and matches my hair wonderfully. The problem is that it’s a bit on the patchy side and has the same chunky issue as Hoe Hoe Hoe. I really wish this had a better application.

Final thoughts:

So I know this is short, but I’ve reviewed Jeffree Star on here a couple of times before and the formula is pretty consistent across all of his lipsticks. The only difference is with the two I mentioned here. The full set of these 4 shades and a pure white called Druglord costs $75 together. You can get each shade individually for $18 if you only want one or two. These are limited edition, so grab them now before they’re gone forever. You can get his lipsticks through his website, Beautylish, and Morphe.

Stay beautiful!


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