Degree Motion Sense Dry Spray



I know, I know, it’s a review for deodorant. Not what you’d typically see around here, but I was sent it to review and test, which is what I did. As always, this being sent to me doesn’t mean it influenced my opinion of the matter any.

If you’d rather listen to my thoughts, click play on the video below.

As I said, I was sent deodorant to review and test out. As a bit of background, I personally use Fiji stick deodorant from Old Spice. I prefer male marketed deodorants over others due to the smell and effectiveness.

I tested these particular ones for a week and half. I also enlisted the help of my fiance to test one of them and got his thoughts as well.

The first thing that is a problem is the smell. Both of them smell strongly and they aren’t the greatest smells. Then add in the fact it’s anĀ aerosol can situation makes it worse. The stuff sprays out strongly and everywhere. It’s almost impossible to not breathe this stuff in and it left me in a coughing fit.

It does do that motion sense stuff though. When I was wearing this at work, I’d be moving and I’d catch the smell of the deodorant randomly. The problem is that it smells horrible, so I didn’t enjoy that fact.

It’s worth pointing out that this motion sense and dry spray nonsense also exists with Dove/Dove for Men and Axe. I think it could be tolerable with the Dove, but that’s because Dove really only has one scent and it’s familiar. If I were to try these again in the future, those would be the ones I’d rather test out.

Final thoughts:
While the product works, it’s not good smelling and is risky with the canister. I wouldn’t purchase this at all.

If you wish to try it out yourself, you can find it wherever Degree products are sold, which is pretty much everywhere.


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