BBAC – Welcome!


So, this year I was invited to join in a wonderful blog hop type of an experience. Throughout the month of December, there will be posts from me that range from my favorite products, to little tips and tricks. It’s going to be a fun advent calendar of beauty!

I want to kick off this month of fun with a bit about myself and what you can expect over the month.

As my about me states, I’m a woman in her late 20s that lives in Northern Minnesota. I will be celebrating my 27th birthday this month, so it’s extra cause for celebration! If you’re new to my blog and are hopping along with the others participating, I review a range of products. I try to focus on drugstore or mid-range items, with a monthly Birchbox bitch review. I also review random items if they get sent to me by influenster, but I try to keep it focused on beauty.

I’m not a makeup artist, nor am I some beauty guru. I’m just a gal that wanted to review stuff and provide swatches on fair, cool-toned, skin.

To give some fun context, I’ve got a few of my favorite posts of all time.

The first one is the highest viewed post ever, and it was my review of tarte’s At First Blush holiday set. I suspect that it’s gotten a ton of views because the collective makeup universe was more focused on the LE blush palette from tarte that was at Sephora and didn’t care about the other set, so there weren’t reviews out for it. Hopefully my review and swatches helped someone decide on if they wanted it or not. For the record, I still absolutely love those blushes from that set.

My second favorite post is also, the second more viewed post ever. It was my very colorful and ranty review of the Covergirl Star Wars Lipsticks. If you don’t have time to read through it, I complained about how the packaging was lame, the names were lame, renamed the lipsticks, and complained how bad the lipsticks actually are.

This one didn’t get a lot of views like I had hoped, but I still think it’s useful and wonderful. It’s my guide to maintaining hair that has been dyed red. Now, I know some of you are going to look at whatever is my current instagram photo and go “But your hair is blue!!” and you wouldn’t be wrong. I just happened to have been red for many many years.

My last one is another one that didn’t get a positive review, but my review of the NYX Avant Pop! Art Throb palette is one I quite enjoyed because I also got to do some dupe checking and it was one of the first posts that made me feel like I’m actually putting content out that people would want to see.

So, there are some of my favorite posts. You can check them out, or you can just not look at them, but they’re cool either way.

As for the rest of the month!

I’m planning on talking about my favorites in various product categories (blush, primer, highlighters, ect). I’m also going to do a breakdown of subscription boxes I’ve tried and my thoughts on them. I’ll be giving you guys a peek into my custom palette so you can see what I reach for on a daily basis. I also plan on revisiting a review and seeing if my thoughts changed over time about a product. Also some random tutorials thrown in that are super simple, but super awesome for the holidays. It’s going to be a jam packed month of awesomeness and I hope you stick around for it all!

As always, stay beautiful!


2 thoughts on “BBAC – Welcome!

  1. Hm…may I borrow your idea and list off “the things I reach for every day”? That sounds kind of fun to put together, actually! (Some of it ties in with my favorites, others…just with what I know Works Really Well.)


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