Tips & Tricks – Homemade Lip/Body Scrub


♪♫Baby it’s cold outside♫♪

But for real. It’s fucking cold outside (and snowing as well!)

You know what that means? Fucking chapped lips and dry skin.

You thought I was going to say something about hot cocoa and snuggling didn’t you?

Let’s handle that chapped lip situation though. That helps with the fun stuff.

So, the best way to help speed up the healing of chapped lips is to use a lip scrub. Using lip scrubs are nice, but can be annoying to make with a ton of ingredients or expensive. I got you covered!

“But you mentioned dry skin?” Oh yeah, this scrub will work on skin as well. I don’t suggest it for your face, as physical exfoliation can be harsh, but if you want to go that route, I can’t stop you. It’s great for feet, elbows, and other dry areas though!

So what do I need?


You’ll need something to store it in, petroleum jelly, sugar, and an extract if you want it to have some taste. If you don’t care that it has literally no taste, then skip the extract.

For my storage, I’m using a clean medicine bottle. I am always looking for ways to recycle these, and this is perfect!

“Ok, so what do I do now?”

Well, you can either mix this in the container for storage (what I did) or a separate bowl. You can use a spoon to measure everything, or you can just wing it! (I may have did the wing it route!)

Just mix equal-ish parts of sugar and the jelly together. I suggest scooping out your jelly first and working the sugar into it after. I did put down some paper plates under me while working because of possible mess. I used my clean fingers to mix it together, but you can use a spoon or knife if you’d rather.

Once you get it mixed, it should have this texture:


Kind of creamy, but still gritty. If you want it more gritty then add more sugar.

You can stop at this point and put it into your storage container. Or clean up the container if you did what I did.

If you want to add some flavor, make some wells in your mixture like this:


Then pour a few drops into it and mix it up.

When using extracts, you don’t need much because they’re strong. Be careful of this.

Also worth noting, if you plan on sticking this on your skin/face, extracts can cause issues. I’d suggest you patch test so you can be sure.

Once you’re happy with it all, close it up and clean up the mess you made. Don’t lie to me, I know you made a mess.

“So how the hell do I use this?”

Using a clean finger, scoop out a bit and rub it all over your lips (or hips). Then rinse it off or wipe it away. Ta-da! Dry patches are gone! You can do this a couple times a week. I highly suggest following up with a bit of lip balm or lotion, depending on where you used it. I have a great post on hydration that you can find here.

You can store it for a couple of weeks in a cool dry place. Keep an eye on it because it can grow mold, so only make what you think you’ll use in that time span. Since it’s easy to make, that’s not a problem!

If you don’t like petroleum jelly, go ahead and use an oil of your choosing. The jelly is a bit more stable and creamy so it sits on the lips better. It’s also a lot cheaper than most oils. If you’d rather use brown sugar, go nuts. The base of this scrub is very neutral so you can customize it, or leave it be if you want something without dyes and flavors. It’s totally up to you!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial for making your own lip scrub! As always, stay beautiful!


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