BBAC – Favorite Primers



Welcome to day 2 of the Beauty Blog Advent Calendar! Today I’m going to go over my favorite primers.


So, for my primers, I narrowed it down to 3 different primers. The elf Tone Adjusting Primer, Benefit Porefessional, and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I also want to throw an honorable mention out to Wet n Wild Fergie “Take On the Day” eyeshadow primer. It’s a wonderful product, just not the one I reach for often anymore.

So, to start off, the elf Tone Adjusting primer is a green toned primer. I use this whenever I’m having issues redness (so all the time). I apply it just to the areas where the redness is to help neutralize the problem. This is a slippery primer and doesn’t really do much of anything else, but since I go through green primers so fast, I wanted an inexpensive option. Can’t get cheaper than $6.

On the rest of my face, I use Benefit Porefessional. I just pat it into my face and it does a great job of filling my pores in. I don’t have super large pores, but this hides what I do have and I love the texture of it. This is pricier at around $30, but I purchase it through Birchbox and use my points there to knock the price down.

So, I use a few different eyeshadow primers, but ever since I got a deluxe sample of Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, that’s all I use. I think this one of the best eyeshadow primers for people with hooded eyes. Once this is on, nothing is moving, fading, or creasing. I don’t care for the price of a full sized bottle, but deluxe samples of eyeshadow primer are easy to obtain with other purchases and you don’t go through it that fast, so it works.

Like I said, I did want to throw a bit of love to the Take On the Day primer by Wet n Wild. It’s a great primer and is only $6. If you’re not down with spending goobers of money on a primer, use that. It’s great and sticky and I use it on the bridge of my nose to keep my glasses from sliding.

That’s it for today! Hopefully you discovered a new primer, or a new look at some old favorites!

Stay beautiful!


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