BBAC – Multi-Tasking Products!


So, something to me that never gets enough love are products you can multi-task with!


For me, multi tasking products are a staple in creating any makeup look. I’ve decided to grab three of my favorites to gush over.

Two of them might not look like they normally do, but I promise, it’s the same product!

To start off, we’re going to talk about the Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone multipurpose primer pencil. It’s right in the name, it’s meant for doing all the tasks out there. This is a great lip primer and clear lipliner. But if you’re in need of a fine line filler around your eyes? This will do that for you. Want a bit of extra primer under your eyes? This will work. In a pinch and need to clean up some winged liner that has gone astray? Use a small brush with this on it to clean it up. It’s absolutely wonderful and perfect for almost any situation.

So, these next two products are kind of one in the same. They’re both NYX Jumbo Pencils! The ones I use are in the shades Milk and Black Bean.

I know, I know, you don’t see a jumbo pencil up there, but that’s because they work better when depotted! I’ll have a quick tutorial on how to depot them at the end of my gushing.

So, Milk. Milk is wonderful for making colorful eyeshadows pop on the lid. It creates a neutral base that’s sticky glue for shadows. If you have a crappy eyeshadow, you can use Milk under it to get some pigmentation to show up. It’s great at working those miracles. It’s also wonderful as a matte, cream, highlight on the face. This is especially wonderful for fair-skinned people that have issues with dry patches or pores.

The other shade is my personal favorite, and that’s Black Bean. It’s a matte, cream, black. Most of its uses are centered around the eye, but they’re plentiful and valuable. The first is that it can be used as an eyeliner. You do need to set it with some powder, but if you own even one eyeshadow palette, you probably have a matte black to put over it. The next use is for all those duochrome/hidden shimmer/loose shadows you probably have, but don’t use all that often. Do your eye look, apply a tiny bit of this and blend it out. Pat some of that tricky shadow on it and you’re whisked off to a new dimension! The last use, is my favorite. The KISS smokey eye.

Apply Black Bean all over the lid. Blend it up and out. Take a dark shadow, bonus if it has micro shimmer or duochrome, and apply it all over. Ta-da! Smokey eye with minimal effort.

Yeah, it’s got its uses.

So, about that depotted pencil. It’s pretty simple.

You’ll need:


Pencil/Empty Pen

Plastic Container to store product

On the end of the Jumbo Eye pencils there is a plastic cap. Take the pliers (or teeth if you don’t care) and yank it off. Point the pencil towards the container you plan on storing it in. Stick the pen or pencil in the end you just opened and push it through. It should push all the product into the container and all you have to do is smooth it out and seal it up. When you’re ready to use your creams, just grab a synthetic brush and go to town!

Happy Holidays!


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