BBAC- Favorite Blushes



This one was hard for me to do, but I narrowed down my favorite blushes!


So, choosing a favorite blush is like choosing a favorite pet. It’s hard to pick just one, and I feel sad for all the others I left out.

I narrowed it down to two, and they’re perfect, year-round, type of blushes I can’t go without.

The first I reviewed on here ages ago, and it’s Urban Decay Afterglow in the shade Obsessed. I won’t review it again, but if you’re interested, check it out here.┬áNeedless to say, I’m obsessed with this color still.

The other one is the shade Flushed by tarte. This one comes in the Amazonian Clay 24 hour formula and is the perfect shade for adding a bit of natural flush back into your cheeks. (See what I did there?) I’ve used it in a Tips & Tricks post on here before, which you can check out here.┬áI absolutely love this formula of blushes that tarte has and the other colors I own from this range are just as wonderful. They last all day, are pigmented, and can be depotted easily by just poking a needle or pen in the little hole on the back. Perfect for creating your own palette for travel!

As you can see, I did choose a couple of pinks. I do wear other shades, but pinks are what I reach for because they’re a bit more natural for me. Often, cool undertones are also described as pink undertones. So after a heavy foundation application, adding back what you have under it naturally can often look better. These shades are great for that for me. I can go nuts and layer it on thick, or I can do a light dusting to get a bit of color back. They both work out well for those uses. That’s why I tend to favor these over my others in my collection. They’re great for every day use, and stay on all day without touch ups!

Happy Holidays!


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