BBAC – Favorite Mascaras



I know I review mascara more than I should, but what about my personal holy grail ones?


I’m sure you recognize one of those tubes from around this blog before. If you don’t, check out my hilarious reviews of the Star Wars collection.

So, both of these mascaras I consider my holy grail mascaras are from Covergirl, which means both are drugstore and affordable! Nice change from the last post about blush.

With that being said, after I took pictures and recorded the video above, I did get a tarte mascara that is slowly creeping up to that status. I’ll cover that in a future post though!

My top mascara, and the top one in the image is Covergirl Clump Crusher. As you can see, I do have the extensions version, but that is only because I grabbed the wrong one last time I purchased it. I usually use the regular one. It’s not a mascara for people that need a ton of volume or a ton of length. If you have those naturally, this is great for giving color, bit of curl, and not being clumpy. Since that’s all I ask for, it’s perfect.

The other one is Covergirl Super Sizer. I like this mascara for when I want a more dramatic look. It does a decent job at volume, but is great for length. If you have awesome lashes already, get ready for the falsies effect. If your lashes need help, then grab this for that extra help. It’s absolutely wonderful.

The Super Sizer one I have isn’t waterproof, but there is a waterproof version. I can say though, the non-waterproof version has held up to watering eyes very well.

These are my holy grails, what are yours?

Happy Holidays!


One thought on “BBAC – Favorite Mascaras

  1. I love Revlon’s Grow Luscious Lash Potion and L’oreal’s Butterfly Intenza, for a little more volume. The first one, in particular, is most DEFINITELY waterproof. I use Covergirl’s Lash Blast Length a lot, too.


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