BBAC – Marc Jacobs Skyliners Review



So, if you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I don’t review luxury products. Today, I have a bit of a treat for you! As a birthday gift to myself (and since Sephora had that $20 off $50) I picked up the Marc Jacobs Skyliners set. I figured what better time to review it than my birthday!

So, I picked this up, along with a few other goodies, but this was pretty much the holy grail of what I got. I’ve been wanting to get something super luxury for a while now and I had the perfect chance, so I bit the bullet.

After dealing with UPS and Sephora’s silly guidelines they impose on UPS, I finally got my package.

I crack open the box and there it was. This gorgeous sparkly box that has the words “Marc Jacobs” across it.


I open it up and the case is wrapped in black tissue paper. The case itself is nice and sleek.


And this is how the liners are, nice and lined up, ready for use!


The liners are nice silver pencils that have some real weight to them.


So I did what every good makeup fan does. I swatched them without question. They were all so creamy and all so pigmented. I just fell in love.


So, I tested these for a few days and it’s a bit hard for me to have something terrible to say about them.

They apply great, especially in the waterline, and stay all day. They claim to be waterproof and I can back that up. They do set rather fast, so if you want to buff color on top of them, you have to work fast. All of the shades either are satin or have shimmer in them. It’s not too bad, but if you want mattes, this isn’t the stuff for you.

For being a sampler set, the price is a bit nuts ($48), but I feel  you get a fair amount of product and at that point you’re really paying for the experience.

Pros: Sleek packaging, great pigmentation, creamy and smooth application, waterproof

Cons: Price, sets fairly quickly

Final thoughts:

I really wish I didn’t like these as much as I do. The names are punny, the product is good, and they give me colorful gel liner options that I know I can use safely, as opposed to other (cheaper) brands. I will most likely repurchase, or at the very least, buy a couple other colors. I like using In The Buff on my waterline, so I can see that getting used up quickly.

The Marc Jacobs Sky-Liner set is available at Sephora for $48. This set of mini-liners is limited edition, so if you want it, get it fast! The regular liners (which are larger) retail for $25 each through Sephora.

Happy Holidays!


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