BBAC – Favorite Holiday Nail Polishes


Hello! Today I have a couple of my favorite holiday nail polishes to share with you!


So, today I had to come up with my favorite nail polishes for the holidays! I went with two from Zoya and they are Blaze and Dream. They’re both polishes with holographic glitter in it, so even with just the polish on, it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. They’re absolutely gorgeous and apply smoothly. With a top coat and base coat, they last about a week to a week and half. If you’re hard on your hands, they won’t last as long.

Let’s look at a swatch!


As you can see, the holographic sparkles show through, even with flash on.

Zoya polishes are my absolute favorite and you can buy them for $10 at their website, but they often have sales and deals going on.


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