Wet N Wild – New 2016 Products!



So, last week I was in Walgreens with my client and while he was doing what he had to do, I decided to browse the new items being put out. I happened upon a Wet n Wild display and grabbed a few items off it to review. I didn’t grab any of the blushes or the other palette they had because they didn’t seem like colors I’d use, but if you want to see me review those, let me know in the comments! Review and swatches after the jump!


The first thing up to talk about is the new Photo Focus Setting Spray. For $5 it’s not a bad setting spray. You don’t get much product, but at the price and accessibility, it’s not terrible. It does contain alcohol (and smells strongly of it!) so if you don’t like setting sprays with alcohol, skip this. It does mattify and isn’t a dewy finish, which is a shame. The packaging is nice and sturdy and I prefer this to the NYX setting spray, but not over my Urban Decay sprays.


Up next we have a couple lip crayons. I’m not going to do a full on review because if you remember back in November, I reviewed this product in two nude shades. The quality and product is pretty much the same. The colors I got are Lie Lack and Berry Tale. My only complain is that Lie Lack reads more pink than lilac on my lips, but it’s still an ok color.


These are creamy, long-wearing, and easy to apply. I’ll be picking up other colors as they retail for about $3.50


Ooooooooooh. Pinky based highlighters in the drugstore. *yoink*


Look at the pretties in the pan.

Ok, now that’s out of our system. Don’t buy this product.

It claims that you can use each color separately as highlighters, or swirl them together. I tried both ways. First of all, no matter what you do, they kick up powder. Secondly, when applied, they are highly pigmented, and not in a good way. The undertones show up more like a blush than a highlighter. And lastly, the sparkle/sheen goes away after about an hour.

The product is about $5, but I don’t even think it’s worth that. If you want to use it as a slightly glittery blush, it’s good for that. If you want it for highlighting? Go get something else. The shade I got was Catwalk Pink



As you can see, they look like they’d be nice highlighters, it’s just the swatches don’t show how they perform and that’s a shame.


An eyeshadow palette will round out these products! As you can see, the packaging holds fingerprints easily.


Oooooh, a purple smokey palette. And look! No sponge applicator!


You get a brush instead! The brush isn’t terrible, but I won’t reach for it much unless I need a very light blending end.

Let’s talk about this palette. It’s not terrible, but it’s not amazing. For $7, it’s a good deal. You get 10 shades and you could create a few different looks with this. The colors are pigmented and blend pretty easily, but the last 4 shades translate on the eye pretty much all the same. My other issue is that there are no mattes in this, so if you were to do a complete look, you have to pull mattes in from elsewhere. The palette name is Quartz Center.

Let’s look at swatches.



They’re not bad, but you can see what I mean by those last 4 shades. The shadow quality was nice so I might pick up the other palette I saw and give it a go.

Here’s a look I did with the products.


Overall, I don’t care for these products too much. They’re good, but not worth going out of the way for them. The lip crayons are my favorite of the bunch, followed by the setting spray. I picked all of mine up at Walgreens, but Walmart and other places with Wet n Wild should be getting these soon. Walgreens will have a LE blush as well so I’ll grab that when it comes into my local store.


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