Covergirl Plumpify Mascara

So! If you’ve been to a drugstore or Walmart/Target lately, you’ve probably have seen a massive display for this mascara. I know I have and I’ve always looked at the wand and have gone “That’s cool! I need to try it!”

So I did!

Here’s the video with my thoughts/demo/ect. After the jump is just my written thoughts about it all.


So! Here we have it! The new mascara from Covergirl that claims to give 50x more volume and give extreme plump and lift. Sounds fancy and my two HG drugstore mascaras are from Covergirl so what could go wrong?

Apparently everything.

Before we get into this, let me give you a run-down of my lashes. They’re long, they’re thick, they’ll curl on their own, and generally don’t need much help from mascara. So, on a personal level, I’m not asking much of my mascaras. Either way, it failed on a personal and functional level.

So, if you didn’t watch the video, here’s the rundown of what happened.

It did not give extra volume. It didn’t really “plump” my lashes up much. The formula was a bit tricky to work with and the wand was mainly to blame. The best part? My natural curl flattened out from this mascara. I’ve layered three different mascaras before and never had that happen. Like, hot damn.

The only thing it claimed to do is that the rounded end of the wand was good for reaching the lashes in the inner corner. That part was true and I appreciate that, but that doesn’t outweigh the cons.

Let’s look at this brush.


So, it has that cool twist that is being advertised and the brush is a silicone type with short, decently spaced out, bristles. You can also see that the rounded end is up there. That part is functional and I could see this working on lower lashes/corners well, but that’s not where the problems lay. It doesn’t give volume and part of the blame goes right to that wand. Typically mascaras that are great at volume tend to have fluffier brushes on the wand. Too Faced Better Than Sex, tarte Lights Camera Lashes/Splashes, Lancome Hypnose all have fluffy brushes and are wonderful at building volume. This one isn’t fluffy and instead, the twisted nature of the wand/brush makes it hard to apply the mascara.

The formula of the mascara is thick, but not dry. It’s also not a super wet formula, but it did coat the lashes after some effort. I think I might get some eye drops and see if I can thin out the formula a bit and make it better. I think the thickness of the formula is what deflated my poor lashes after a few hours. I may also try this wand in my Super Sizer or Clump Crusher to see if it’s a wand issue or a formula issue. As it stands right now, it’s not worth the $9 I spent at Walgreens.

As far as wear goes. It didn’t flake or smudge and it did come off with an oil cleansing method with no problems. After removal my lashes didn’t feel dry or brittle either.

Final Thoughts

Pros: Rounded end of wand good for inner corners. Doesn’t flake or smudge. Easy removal.

Cons: Doesn’t give volume, thick formula, flattened my lashes, hard to apply

This mascara is being sold wherever you can buy Covergirl Products, so pretty much everywhere! I paid $9, but it may be cheaper elsewhere and you can always use coupons!

Stay beautiful everyone!


3 thoughts on “Covergirl Plumpify Mascara

  1. Great review! I’ve used several different CG mascaras, and they mostly seem to have a similar performance level on me…odd, but, okay. I was mildly interested in this one, but not so interested that I was ready to buy a tube until I’d read some reviews!


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