Covergirl Roses Palette

So! In my continuation of Cover Girl products, I have the Roses palette for you guys. Video review is totally optional as my full thoughts and feelings are after the jump!


Look at that pan shot. It’s a nice pan shot. I even remembered to take a pan shot before I stuck my fingers in there for swatches.

So let’s do this thing!

This palette advertises from the get-go that it has shades like a leading $50 palette. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday, so I know they’re talking about the Urban Decay Naked palettes. The one I picked up, Roses, is the rip on the Naked 3. I paid $13 for this palette, so it’s obviously cheaper than the Naked 3, but you also get 8 shades.

So far it sounds like a good deal, but moving along….

These aren’t that great. There are 3 mattes and the other 5 are shimmery. They’re kinda pigmented, but not in the good way. They’re quite powdery and a bit on the crumbly side. They also kick up a bit of powder and loading a brush up with one of these shadows (especially the lighter shades) leads to chunks that cause skipping. Not cool Cover Girl, not cool. I do like the coppery shade right in the middle, but that’s probably it. Let’s look at some swatches!


These are the first 4 shades in the palette. As you can see, the pigmentation is there, but it’s not amazing. You can also see the powder problems in the mattes.


The second half of the palette isn’t too bad, but that very last shade translates to almost black on the lid instead of a nice smokey plum, which is a damn shame.

Also, did I mention the smell?
Yeah, it smells like typical Cover Girl powder products. I forgot that I hated that smell. It’s the talc in it.

Overall, I do think these serve a good purpose, despite being crappy. They allow you to explore the shades/colorings of a Naked palette before buying. I got the Roses because I’ve been on the fence about the Naked 3 and thought this would be a chance to see if I’d get use out of a palette with those shades.

Would I suggest this over the actual Naked palettes? Nope.

Is it a decent drugstore neutral palette? Not really.

I feel that with Wet n Wild having a new neutral palette out, that’s the better option and it’s only $7 compared to $13. Wet n Wild has a very good eyeshadow formula for being in the drugstore range, so I’d suggest that over this.

I was able to pick this up at my local Walgreens, but it should be in stores that sell Cover Girl over the next few weeks! Stay beautiful everyone!


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