Birchbox On Trend Korean Beauty Box (Unboxing & Review!)

Today I have an unboxing and review of the curated box from Birchbox for January. This box features Korean beauty products and there are two separate videos. The first, which is above, is my unboxing of the box when I got it. After the jump you can watch and read my review on the products!

So this box was interesting to experience for sure. I picked it up since there were a lot of products that claimed to help with redness and I was curious to see if it would help.


First up we have the RE:P Bio Fresh Mask with real calming herb. If you watch the unboxing video, you’ll see me get very confused as to what a calming herb is. Apparently it’s calendula and chamomile that are the calming herbs.

This product claims to reduce redness, deeply clean pores, and is soothing. It was soothing and calmed down the redness in my face. It did dry rather quickly so you couldn’t get the even layer that it asked for. It also did smell herby, but it wasn’t too terrible. The full size is $41 and I will not purchase this because of that alone.


This is the IPKN Flash Cream Radiant Primer. It retails for $28 and claims to create a smooth luminous canvas for makeup. It also has SPF15 and the curator of the box claims that you can wear this on its own for “around-the-clock glow”.

This primer isn’t anything special. The finish it gives is “dewy” but it leans into the oily look a bit too much for me. The SPF is useless since you need a lot more product than you’d use for primer to actually get use from the SPF. My skin wasn’t particularly smooth, but it also wasn’t rough. This didn’t fill any pores and just left my skin shiny. The shine did peek through a matte foundation and gave a nice glow, but using it with a dewy foundation was overkill. I would not purchase this because it’s nothing special and I can add a dewy effect by using dewy foundation or adding a drop of oil to my matte foundations.


This is a wonderfully red lip tint from Tony Moly. It retails for $6, so it’s quite affordable. It smells like cherry and does stain a nice red, where it stains. That’s the problem though. It stains unevenly and clings to any dry patches. I did wear it and later in that day I tossed a nude lipstick over it and it gave a cool ombre effect. I would purchase more in other colors, if only for the ombre effect under other lip colors.


Ooooooh! A sheet mask! I like these!

And I liked this one. This is the Manefit Beauty Planner Mask in Cucumber Soothing and Moisturizing. It soothed. It moisturized. It was a very relaxing experience. It smelt like cucumber face products typically smell like and didn’t leave behind a gross residue. What was left behind was massaged into the skin with ease. You can get a pack of 5 masks for $10. I fully intend on getting more.


Here we have the Goodal Waterest First Essence. It claims to help retain moisture.

It did nothing. I followed the instructions on the card and tapped it into my skin. Didn’t see a difference. I still don’t understand what it is either. Not purchasing this because it retails for $30 and that’s a hell of a lot to spend on something that doesn’t do anything.


This was a bonus item in the box, but since it was in there, I’m going to talk about it.

This is the Goodal Yerba Mate Cleansing foam and Yerba Mate Bubble Peeling. I only tried out the cleansing foam and opted to not try out the other product after my experience with the cleanser.

So, this cleanser was drying and dehydrated my skin. I knew this because my face was tight and squeaky after using it (that’s not good btw). The formula was quite thick and massaged into the skin without issues, but when it was worked into my inflamed areas on my cheek, it burned. This product did exfoliate, but just not suitable for my dry skin. If you have oily skin, this might be wonderful for you. I opted to not use the peeling (is it a mask?) because of how drying this product was. Not worth the risk.

So there you have it! The On Trend Korean Beauty box from Birchbox. For the most part, the only items I enjoyed were the sheet mask and the tint, and I didn’t fully love the tint. Others with more Korean beauty experience might have different thoughts, but this white girl is even more confused.


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