Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick Review

Today I have the new Maybelline Vivid Matte lipsticks to talk about! I only picked up one color, but I have my thoughts and swatches on it after the jump. If you’d rather watch the video, then just hit the play button instead!


So I picked up the shade Vivid Violet from the new Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid line. It’s a nice bright purple that leans a bit on the blue side.

Application was smooth-ish. The doe foot applicator is incredibly flat and hard to navigate around my cupids bow and inner corners. It’s also quite large so if you have thin lips, this isn’t going to work for you. The formula is quite slippery as well. It’s not like a bullet lipstick that is creamy and “sets” and it’s not like a liquid matte that dries down and doesn’t budget. It’s a weird combo of a gloss and bullet lipstick that acts more like a gloss than anything. It’s also a sheer formula and I had to build it up to get to the color in the bottle. The downside is that it does transfer and when it does, it takes most of the pigment with it. It also slides into the lipline, so if you want to wear these, you’ll need a lipliner. Since it moves everywhere, it can be messy and will get everywhere when you eat.

It also stinks. It’s a weird fake grape smell that has gone bad and chemically.


The color is gorgeous and I like that aspect of it. I plan on finding a different lipstick with this type of color because I like that part.

For me, this isn’t worth the purchase. I paid $8 and you can find it pretty much everywhere Maybelline is sold.

Stay beautiful!


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