Maybelline Color Tattoo Crayons

I picked up one of the new Color Tattoo crayons! Hit the play button above for my thoughts, or take a look after the jump!


So I picked up the shade Lilac Lust while I was out and about and I’m impressed. If you’ve been under a rock, Maybelline has had Color Tattoos for a while now, but they come in a little glass pot. They can harden and are a bit unhygienic. Outside of that, they’re a great product and a great cream shadow option.

They’re better as a crayon. They’re easier to use, won’t dry out as much, and take up less space. The crayon is a twist up, so no sharpening required! I’ve used this under powder shadows and on its own and it’s great both ways. It doesn’t crease and is long wearing. When it’s blended out, it does sheer out a bit, but the coverage can be built back up with ease.

If you’re looking for a shadow stick or a cream option, I suggest these. The original Color Tattoos are wonderful, but they’re much better in this form.


Here’s a swatch of the shade Lilac Lust. It was incredibly hard to photograph because it’s a bit metallic, but it’s gorgeous.

Final thoughts:

I highly suggest these for anyone wanting some quality cream shadows. The nude shades would work as eyeshadow primer, but the duochrome/metallic are great on their own.

I paid $7 for this and you can purchase it anywhere Maybelline is sold!


3 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo Crayons

  1. I’m cautiously reserving my judgement. I bought two, and both of them, the product came loose from the base. Also, I don’t know that the lids are airtight, meaning that the product can harden in this form too. (Which is a gigantic shame. I would dearly love for these to be workable…not only are there some shades that don’t currently exist in the regular lineup, it’s nice to give ppl the option to use whichever format they prefer/whichever works better for them.)


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