Wet n Wild Blushes Review

So, as a follow up to my review of the newer Wet n Wild items, I went and got the blushes! Hit the play button above or check after the jump for my thoughts and swatches.

So, my Walgreens only had three shades on the display, so I scooped them up. The shades I got are Rose Champagne, Pearlescent Pink, and Mellow Wine. Let’s jump right on in! I’ll have the swatches at the very end of the post.


I didn’t think I was going to like this shade at first. Like, I got it and was thinking “Nope, it’s going to be too dark for me”. Thankfully, I was wrong. It’s a gorgeous champagne color that has a bit of shimmer to it. It’s quite pigmented and blends out well. If you watched the video I mentioned it catching in one spot, but upon further use, it blends like a dream. It could be used as a highlight on deeper skintones for sure, but if you’re on the fair side, it’s better as a blush topper or just a plain blush. I’ve been able to wear this shade for about 10 hours with minimal fading. 


So this one is a nice matte plum/wine shade. It’s a gorgeous neutral and works well on cool-toned skin. It blends out with ease and I’ve gotten about 13 hours of wear time out of this one with almost no fading. I was even complimented on this after it had been on my face for a full day of work, out to dinner, and then grocery shopping. So it obviously held up very well. I can see this making it’s way up to holy grail status for me soon since I keep reaching for it often. This one is also super pigmented, but you can sheer it out or build it up depending on your needs.


This was the one I was really excited for. I had read around the web that this is like NARS Orgasam, but a bit more on the pinky side. Now, I don’t have Orgasam blush to compare, but I tried to wing it by the gloss and it’s kind of in that same family. It’s a nice pinky peach shade that has a bit of shimmer in it. It’s not overtly chunky with glitter, so that’s a positive in my eyes. The wear time is quite nice, longest I’ve gone is about 9 hours, and I didn’t see a ton of fading. This didn’t pull very orange on my cool-toned skin, so if you’re cool-toned and you avoid warmer blushes because of that, this one is safe to use!



Final thoughts:

All of these kicked up a bit of powder, but for the amount of product you get for the price you pay, I think it’s worth that little bit of sacrifice. They don’t have an overwhelming cheap smell to them at all. To be honest, they have no smell, which I prefer from powder products. They’re all super pigmented so if you’re fair, you’ll need to go light handed and build up to what you want. With that being said, if you have a deeper skintone, these will work out for you since they’re so pigmented and deep in color. Rose Champagne would look gorgeous as a highlight on deeper skintones, so I’d go for that. Overall, I liked all three shades and found that the formula was consistent across the board.

You can purchase these where Wet n Wild is sold! I got mine at Walgreens and I paid $3 for each blush. They also have sales and coupons often, so score it on the cheap if you can!

Stay beautiful!


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