Royal & Langnickle Brushes Review

I’ve been hearing a ton of hype about these brushes and they were on sale for a post-IMATS sale, so I scooped some up! Check out my thoughts above or after the jump!


So, I picked up the MODO 7 piece eye collection. I paid $10 for it, but it’s regular price is $20.

It came with an angled shadow brush, shading brush, smokey eye brush, smudger/crease duo brush, brow brush, and a lash comb and spoolie combo.

All of the brushes have rubberized handles with a nice brushed metal ferrule. The hairs are synthetic and are quite soft for being synthetic brushes. They hold colors well and deposit it on the eye quite well.

The brow brush is a bit soft, but I have been using it for my brows and I quite enjoy that it has a softer touch. The smudger on duo brush is good, but the ferrule is a bit close to the top of the bristles so it can catch a bit. The shader brush is a bit fluffy and not super dense, so I prefer to use it to blend.

All of the brushes held up to washing very well and didn’t shed or lose their shape. The spoolie on the lash comb is a softer one, so it’s nice on the brows.

Overall, compared to my Sigma brushes, I prefer these. I think if you’re on a budget and looking for some quality brushes, these are the best option out there. I fully plan on picking up more. Even at full price, I feel they’re worth it.

Have you tried these brushes? What do you think of them?

You can buy Royal & Langnickle brushes online here. They do offer international shipping as well!


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