March Play by Sephora!

So, I got off the waitlist for the Sephora subscription box and I have some thoughts about it….

Check after the jump or click play above!

The box you get is really cute, but doesn’t change from month to month. Here are all the items I received.


The box also comes with a booklet and a Play Card that you can take into Sephora to get a 1-on-1 lesson on how to use all the products in your box.


The first item is the “scent of the month” and it was Replica Beach Walk. It’s a great summer smell, though it didn’t smell like the beach to me. It has notes of ylang ylang, bergamot, and pink peppercorns. I did add the scent to my favorites list on Sephora, so I would like to get it in the future.


Next up we have the infamous Tattoo Liner from Kat Von D. It’s in the shade Trooper, which is black. When I first tried it out, I was able to put on a bitchin’ wing with no problems, which was a miracle in itself. That being said, due to my limited real estate on my lids, I won’t get a ton of use out of this. It’s a great size sample though and if I do find myself using it more, I’ll buy a full sized version.


This is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser. This is a gel formula that has no purfumes, but does smell strongly of rose and cucumber. It’s not super hydrating and I did feel some tightness after use, indicating that it can be a bit drying. I think if you have combo or normal skin, this would work great for you. If you have dryer skin, maybe pass on it. The sample was very generous, though I won’t be purchasing a full sized one.


This is the Invisiblur Perfecting Shield by Murad. It’s SPF 30 and while that’s nice and all, you don’t use enough to get proper sun protection. On the other hand, it is a fantastic primer and has a texture similar to Smashbox’s primer. It does a wonderful job under foundation and makes foundation application smooth. I like it, but I’m still torn on if I like it enough to add another step to my face routine since I’d still have to add sunscreen.


Another primer type product! This is the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil! That’s jut a fancy way of saying, and selling, regular face oil. It’s nothing spectacular, but if you like the idea of something more hydrating under your foundation, try this or a face oil. I did enjoy how this felt, but it wasn’t much different from my normal face oil in texture. I won’t be purchasing this simply because I have another product I ¬†like that is similar.


The last thing in the box is the Sephora Perfectionist Airbrush Sponge. This sponge is softer than a typical beauty blender and does soak up a tiny bit more product. The way it’s shaped is nice for getting into the undereye area and around the nose, so I like it for that. If you’re the type that likes to apply powder with a damp sponge, this would be perfect for that. I’ll get use out of it and when the time comes, I may go with another one of these instead of a beauty blender.

Overall, the box is really nice for $10. I plan on giving it another month before deciding if I’m going to keep it or trash it. The points ¬†system is the normal BI points from Sephora and there is no customization of the boxes, which is a tiny downfall compared to Birchbox. If you wish to join, go to and search for Play. The waitlist page should pop up!

Stay beautiful!


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