Wet n Wild Metallic Liquid Lipsticks Review


Another awesome summer product from Wet n Wild are the metallic liquid lipsticks! I picked up three shades and I have some opinions on them. Click the play button above to hear them or check out my thoughts after the jump!

When I was browsing the display at Walgreens with all the new Wet n Wild summer products I saw these liquid metallic lipsticks and I knew I had to get a couple, so I picked up a nude, a pink, and a purple. There are a total of 6 shades in the line, but none of them are novelty colors or incredibly dark. The purple shade that I got is the darkest in the collection.

The shades I got were Indigo Your Own Way (purple), Chrysanthemum’s the Word (pink), and Peony Express (nude). Looking at these as lipsticks, I don’t care for them as lipsticks. They don’t dry down and they do transfer easily. They also bleed into the lipline very easily, which isn’t a good look. They do sit on the lips comfortably and aren’t drying or overly sticky, which is a good thing.

Now, if you look at them as a lipgloss, these are a great lipgloss. In the video, I compared them to a Wet n Wild Megaslicks lipgloss and they’re almost exactly alike, except the Metallic Lipsticks have much better packaging and applicators. If you’re on the hunt for a nice metallic lipgloss that isn’t sticky and are wanting to layer it over a cream lipstick or some lip liner, these are a wonderful option.

The packaging is exactly the same as the Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks, right down the doefoot applicator that hugs the lips nicely. It’s my favorite type of applicator out of all the liquid products I’ve used, so I’m willing to shell out an extra dollar to get them.

I do plan on picking up the other three shades and wearing them like glosses since they’re only $3.  You can get them at any store that sells Wet n Wild or on their website.



From left to right: Indigo Your Own Way, Peony Express, Chrysanthemum’s the Word.

Peony Express is very close to NARS Orgasm gloss, but it’s not an exact dupe as the formulas are different, but if you want to see how that shade looks on you, I’d suggest getting this and trying it out first. Indigo Your Own Way would look gorgeous over Firebird from Urban Decay and Chrysanthemum’s the Word would look amazing over 413 BLKR from NARS.

Stay beautiful!


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