Tips & Tricks: Brushes


It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper Tips & Tricks post and as I was cleaning up my brushes, I figured it was a good time for one! Click “continue reading” to see some awesome ideas!

So, there are a ton of videos and articles out there on how to clean your makeup brushes, so I’m going to spare you the lecture on how to do it. Instead, I’m going to talk about some money saving ideas and things you can do to make brush cleaning a better experience!

Let’s get into the money saving details, since those are always the greatest!

The first one is how I clean off my brushes between colors while I’m using them and it’s a simple cheap fix. You could buy something called a Color Switch for $17 or you could save yourself $16 and buy a mesh hair donut from Walmart or Dollar Tree. It’s the same exact material and works exactly the same as the color switch, just a lot cheaper. If you want a tin to put it in, you can buy one at the Dollar Tree as well, but I don’t bother with one. You can clean these by running water through them and letting them fully dry. I suggest doing this when you clean your brushes.

Next up we have some cleaning products! The first one being the Beauty Blender solid. That little bar of soap is $16 and you go through it fast if you use it often enough. It’s a shame because it’s just Ivory soap in a round container. Save your money and buy a 3 pack of the Ivory soap and one of those soap savers and you’ll have the same thing.

Now, fancy brush cleaners can be found everywhere. You can use pretty much any mild soap you want, but this money saving tip is also a way to recycle some product. I like to take shampoo or face wash samples that I get and use those to wash my brushes. They’re typically free or come in a beauty box, so I’m not spending any money, and they’ll clean my brushes just as well. This also works if you happen to buy a shampoo that isn’t the greatest or a face wash that leaves your skin just a bit too tight. You can use it for your brushes and not have it go to waste or go in the trash!

The last bit of money saving advice I have is to make your own brush holder instead of buying one. You can roll up a towel and prop up the brushes to dry. You could use a rubber band and old cookie sheet and hold them up that way. You could use clips and a clothes hanger. Just get creative and save yourself some money. I personally use a rubber band and an old cookie sheet.

Let’s move into some sanitizing and good practices shall we?

When you clean your brushes, it’s always a good idea to also sanitize them, as well as clean up other tools. You can sanitize your brushes using rubbing alcohol and a fine mister bottle. You can sanitize a Beauty Blender by popping it in a microwave in a cup of water and letting it go for 30 seconds. Let it cool down and then run some cool water through it and squeeze it out. (Be careful! It’s going to be hot!). This is also a great time to clean and sanitize things like eyelash curlers, spoolies, tweezers, and any other tools you use that you don’t think to clean. Think of the last time you took a q-tip with some rubbing alcohol to your eyelash curler. I bet it’s been a while! (Or never!)

Speaking of cleaning up, I like to use this time to also go through my products and toss out things that have expired, like that tube of mascara that’s been floating around and should have gone in the trash ages ago. This is a good time to get rid of it. Also wipe down surfaces and organize your collections so it’s nice and tidy. It’s nice to have clean brushes, but if the rest of your stuff still has icky bacteria, it’s not really worth it.

So, now we’ve saved money and we’re sanitized, what else could there be?

Well, let’s talk about cutting some time out of our routine in the future. My biggest tip is spot cleaning. If you use cream products, try and spot clean those brushes after every use. It will make cleaning much easier down the line. If you use a Beauty Blender or other reusable sponge, clean it every couple of uses at least. I clean mine after every use because I have to head to the bathroom to wash my hands after doing my makeup anyway, so I might as well take the sponge with me and wash it as well. That way it stays nice and clean and lasts longer!

If you’re terrible at remembering to clean your brushes on a regular basis, plan to do it when you plan to do something else on a regular basis. Maybe time it for a favorite tv show, or a weekly routine you have like menu planning. Once you get into a routine of doing them on a regular basis, it’s easier to remember. Also, the more you use your brushes, the more often they need to be cleaned, but I’d suggest at least once a month at a minimum.

So there you have it! A handful of tips to save money, time, and keep your items nice and clean. Hope this is helpful to some of you out there!

Stay beautiful.


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