**Video Post** Highlighter Challenge

If you haven’t seen around social media, there was a wonderful gal who did a full makeup routine using nothing but highlighters. Then a couple bigger youtubers picked it up and challenged everyone else to do it.

I thought that since I have far too many highlighters, I’d give it a go. It’s absolute insanity and towards the end you can just see me losing it a bit as I go to add more on top of what was already there. I “bronzed” my face because at that point I was like “why the hell not?”
I hope you enjoy this absolute insane, yet fun post. It’s a good reminder that makeup isn’t super serious stuff and it’s good to have fun with it. It all washes off.

It’s worth noting, if you recreate this, you WILL emphasize every bit of texture in your skin and look slightly bloated. It’s just the nature of adding light and glitter to such a large area.

Stay beautiful (and shiny!) people!


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