Spring 2016 Favorites

I haven’t done a proper favorites post in a few months, so I figured I’d do one to go over my favorites from all of spring! I’ll have mini-reviews for things I’ve been loving, or links to previous reviews of items after the jump! (Or just press play!)

Garnier Micellar Water: 

I’ve been using this as a makeup remover for the past month or so. I picked it up at Walmart and got the version that is formulated for sensitive skin and it does a great job of getting all my makeup off, as well as my waterproof mascara. I follow it up with my normal face cleanser and everything is good to go!

Smashbox Primer Oil: 

I first got a sample of this in my Sephora Play box and wasn’t super wowed at first, but I kept trying it (which is why you should keep testing skincare for some time!) and fell in love with it as a face oil. I was able to use some Birchbox points I had stashed to knock the price down to about $20 and the full bottle of oil should last me quite a while. It’s a great starter oil if you’re new to face oils.

Pure Lanolin: 

I mentioned this stuff when I got my last Birchbox and how there was a sample of some balm that was really expensive. I ended up getting a huge tube of Lanolin from Walmart for $6. It’s labeled as nipple cream, but it works wonders as an overnight lip mask. Cheaper than some of the other ones out there on the market.

Burts Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm:

Impulse buy here, but totally worth it. I was in line at Target and remembered I needed a new lip balm and just grabbed a tube of Burts Bees, thinking I got my normal stuff. Instead, I got the 4-hour stuff, which is vastly different from the traditional balms by them. This balm contains no waxes and is solidified oils instead and the moisturizing lasts much longer.

OGV Vitamin E Hair Oil: 

This is one of those hidden gems from the drugstore that doesn’t get the love it needs. The past few months I’ve bleached out my hair and in order to repair it, I turned to hair oil. Of all the expensive hair oils I have, the only one that really worked was this stuff. It’s also a great face oil if you can tolerate it. Make sure you spot test first though!

Makeup Forever Step 1 Hydrating Base Primer:

If you’re on the hunt for a hydrating primer, this is a great one to try out. I like it because I can mix in my green corrector and make a tinted primer and the texture doesn’t change. Keeps my skin hydrated under my makeup, while making my foundation go on smoothly.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen:

The end of spring and start of summer means it’s time for sunscreen and this is the perfect one for my face. It smooths out the skin and provides great coverage without a white cast or feeling greasy and heavy. It’s also inexpensive and fairly easy to get through Amazon.

Sephora 8 hour Full Coverage Concealer:

I was out of town and ran out of concealer and needed something so I picked this stuff up. I’m glad I did because this stuff is heavy duty and covers pretty much anything. It’s not good for the under eye area, but it’s great for spot concealing, which is what I needed. If you’re in the market for a pigmented heavy duty concealer, I suggest grabbing this stuff.

Royal & Langnickle Smokey Eye Brush:

I’ve loved my Royal & Langnickle brushes for a while, but with my recent uptick in using cream shadows, I found that the Moda Smokey Eye Brush is wonderful for blending out cream shadows. It has a nice large bullet shape that gets into corners nicely and allows you to blend without losing too much of the shape you lay down. The rubberized handle is very comfortable to hold as well. You can also get them at Walmart now, so even better!

NYX Jumbo Eye Crayons (Yogurt, Pots & Pans, Cottage Cheese):

Everyone knows the magic of Milk and Black Bean, but the shimmery Jumbo Eye Crayons need some loving, and I’m giving it to them. They create some gorgeous foiled looks when powder shadow is layered on top of them and can instantly transform a look. You can create some quick and gorgeous looks with minimal products using these. Plus, NYX is affordable, so it’s worth picking up a couple just to give them a try.

NYX HD Setting Powder (pressed):

It sets my makeup without getting cakey and no flashback. I like the sleek packaging, the affordability, and how well it picks up on my brush. Can’t go wrong here.

MUFE Aqua XL Liner (Black):

I only have a sample of this, but I will be getting a full sized one when the sample is gone. This is one of the best pencil liners I’ve ever used. It’s incredibly creamy, without smudging everywhere. It’s incredibly pigmented and stays where I put it. It also doesn’t dry instantly, so you can smudge it out if you want for some extra drama.

Urban Decay Sin: 

Yeah, this replaced Thunderstruck as my holy grail highlighter. Go check out my full review for the details.

Wet n Wild Mega Glo Sticks: 

Cream highlighters and blushes. They rock if you have dry skin. Again, check out the full review for the details.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Anna:

After I returned those horrid NYX eyeshadow palettes, I waltzed over to Sephora and wanted to treat myself to something nice, so I got myself one of these lipsticks. I picked up the shade Anna, which is incredibly gorgeous and flattering on me. Based on swatches, it looks very close to Gemini from Jeffree Star, except in a creamy tube form. Which is fine by me because these are, hands down, the best cream lipstick I’ve ever used. They last all day, leave a nice stain, and don’t migrate and feather. When I can justify it, I would like to get a few more shades.

DSLR Controller:

This last one is a weird favorite, but it’s an app. I was struggling filming videos for a while, especially tutorials because I use a traditional DSLR camera, not a camcorder to record. I have no way of seeing the back of my camera to adjust settings once I sit down to talk or do my makeup and I was doing some contorted tricks with a hand mirror and it was just getting crazy. I looked into getting a monitor for it, but that was expensive. Then, I had this weird idea that there might be an app for that, and there was! With the app, I’m able to use a cable to hook up an Android device to my camera and use that as a monitor. I hook up my phone to my camera, turn it on, and I can control my camera with my phone so now it’s easier for me to record for you guys! I linked to where you can buy it on the play store above if you’re looking into something like that for yourself.

So, these are my spring favorites! Looking to the future, I’m hoping to have more tutorials and some blog only articles for you guys. Stay beautiful people!


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