From My Lips….An Apology


So, I’ve been pretty much MIA, and I feel like I owe you guys an apology and a post explaining why I’ve been gone. I’ll go into it after the jump. The gist of it though is that life has a funny way of taking over.

So, I got a new job about two days after my last post on here. More like. the last get ready with me I posted I had the interview for the job that afternoon and had to quickly change my makeup into something appropriate. I found out a week later I got the job and literally started a few days later. I filmed one other review, which I had as a draft on here that I forgot about and hit post on just a few minutes before typing this up. It’s a job that takes up a lot of my time, but one that I love dearly. I work at a non-profit organization that deals with sexual violence victims and the work that I do is deeply rewarding, but again, takes up a lot of time. Time that I am now regaining to spend elsewhere for my own sanity.

Included in the time I’ve spent away was dealing with some personal things, including ending the 7 year relationship I was in. The split was mostly amicable, but there was turmoil leading up to that point and while I’m happier now and in a better place. it’s worth mentioning since it influenced part of this break.

I also found out that I have Celiac, which included a pretty rough transition period for me, but it also included a weight loss of around 60 pounds in the amount of time I’ve been MIA. Thanks to that, I’ve had an increase in self-esteem and have been dressing much better because of it.

This break was very much unplanned, but I don’t intend to allow it to continue. I miss writing and I plan on jumping back into it. I have reviews for items I’ve purchased recently and I’ll be expanding into clothing and fashion. Get ready to rock because we’re going to finish out this year and kick off 2017 with a bang! Also, I’ve been into NARS lately, so brace yourself for that. 😉


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