Viseart Petit Pro Palette Review


*Product was purchased by myself and opinions are my own*

So, I have the new Viseart Petit Pro palette for you guys. This one is a little palette that packs a punch and I have to say, don’t sleep on it!

Read after the jump for some swatches and my thoughts on it. 


Isn’t it pretty?

Now, let’s talk about it a bit.

The official claims from Sephora are:

An eight-shade eye shadow palette in versatile pigment rich colors in matte, satin, and shimmer textures—curated from Viseart’s heritage Parisian formulas.

This is Visearts first real foray into a consumer palette in my opinion and it’s a beauty. It’s also small, which I’m ok with. The shadows are highly pigmented and blend out wonderfully. The mattes are softer than the mattes in the large pro palettes from Viseart, but they’re still high quality. The shadows do kick up a bit of powder, but nothing that can’t be handled. The packaging is nice and easy to travel with. The shimmers are much softer, but still pack a huge punch and can be foiled for even more impact. I have no trouble working with these shadows and the colour story presented in this palette is wonderful. It’s a bit dark so it can be used on deeper skintones as well.

The elephant in the room on this palette is honestly the size. Many of the pictures leading up to the release of this didn’t really demonstrate the size of it and people who aren’t familiar with Viseart may be purchasing this thinking that for $30 they’re getting a steal in terms of product compared to the full sized palettes.


Well. Not so fast. That is a regular Viseart pan next to one of the ones from the Petit Pro palette.

Which, I’m ok with. The brand has never been a consumer brand and this is the first time they’ve gone that route. This palette is the perfect size for travel and the quality is still there.  It’s also a product that is great for the working woman because of the size. It easily fits in a purse and will be safe. You’ll never really hit pan on an eyeshadow palette, so the size is fine.

Let’s take a look at the swatches?


On the left you have the bottom row of shimmers. On the right you have the mattes. These were swatched with a brush so you can get an idea of how they apply with a brush.

Here is a look I did with them.


Do I suggest this palette? Hell yes! This is a great chance to test out the brand without committing to a full $80 palette and the colours are gorgeous. The size may be a turn off, but honestly,  you’re never going to hit pan on any palette, so why does that matter to you?

The Petit Pro palette can be found at Sephora and Muse Beauty for $30 USD.


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