FOTD – UCK FOFF (15 in 15)


Day 5! I’m getting through these slowly, but surely! This one has a bit of intent behind it. I planned on doing a look based off a Willam song because he’s my favourite drag queen and Thick Thighs was my top played song on Spotify for 2016. I changed my mind after some stress and a bit of an epiphany on my drive home from work. ┬áThis song came on and I was singing along to it and it felt good to visualize the person stressing me out and telling her to fuck off. So, that’s what this is. A look to remind myself, and that person, that I’m better and what they need to do. (more…)

FOTD – Happy Song (15 in 15)


Day 3! Decided to go with Happy Song from Bring Me The Horizon. I remember this song showing up on Spotify a year or so ago and falling in love with it right away and it’s been on my rotation since then. When I was going through my list of songs to do for this challenge I knew I wanted to do something for this. (more…)